It’s main event time, and we’ve got a former UFC light-heavyweight champ in Quinton “Rampage” Jackson taking on a former Strikeforce champ in Muhammad “King Mo” Lawal. They fought before, with Rampage taking the decision, but that was years ago, and neither of these guys have gotten any younger. However, if you want to point to one of these guys as sliding down that slippery slope more than the other, Rampage weighed in at 253 pounds (remember: he was a 205 pounder) for this bout. That’s a pretty definitive sign that he stopped giving a crap a long time ago…

Round 1 opens with King Mo taking the center of the cage and Rampage keeping a wary distance until his back ends up against the fence. King Mo takes him down then, and in the two minutes it takes for Rampage to get up, the former Strikeforce champ keeps peppering him with short punches to the face. Another takedown for King Mo before the bell definitely puts him ahead on the scorecards.

Though huffing and puffing, Rampage manages to more or less avoid the takedown in the second, which exhausts King Mo. That’s enough for Rampage to exploit, with his boxing combinations landing and King Mo suddenly shooting for desperation takedowns to stay alive. Rampage dodges them all, and even throws his opponent down. Damn if Rampage doesn’t take the round. His ploy of being grossly overweight seems to be working.

The third round has Rampage simply too tired to do much more than lumber around. He inexplicably shoots for a takedown that King Mo easily sprawls out of, and after a little punchy-punchy on the turtled former UFC champ, King Mo ends up out-striking Rampage in the flurries on the feet. Time expires with them duking it out and dying from lack of oxygen.


Results: Muhammad Lawal def. Quinton Jackson via Unanimous Decision