Marcos Galvao was the bantamweight champ, but his Kryptonite is Eduardo Dantas, so he’ll only be second-best in that division as long as “Dudu” is around. But hey, there was always featherweight, right? So tonight the co-main event is all about the former 135-pound king taking on featherweight contender Emmanuel Sanchez, who specializes in grinding out decisions. Oh joy!

From the outset it’s obvious Sanchez has a slight size advantage… and a speed advantage… and a striking advantage, which enable him to strut around the cage with confidence, firing off kicks from every angle and punches with rapid-fire succession. His output is high, but Galvao has been in the fire many times over the years, so he isn’t too fazed. Instead, he wades in and throws combos of his own. Both his takedown attempts get stuffed, but he’s in the fight for sure.

Round 2 has Sanchez resume throwing everything but the kitchen sink at the Brazilian, including a front kick that knocks Galvao’s head back. Galvao gets in some good licks – for every three that Sanchez lands, Galvao manages to tag him in the face once. That’s a bad ratio, but whatever, Galvao isn’t giving up.

Things slow a little in the third, with Sanchez’s decline in output enabling Galvao to clinch him against the cage a few times – and even get a brief takedown in the waning seconds of the bout. Still, Sanchez is so ahead on the scorecards it doesn’t even matter.


Results: Emmanuel Sanchez def. Marcos Galvao via Unanimous Decision