If you took Eduardo Dantas out of the picture, then Marcos Galvao would be the best bantamweight on the Bellator roster. Of course the sport doesn’t work like that, and Galvao is stuck losing to Dantas every time they get in the cage together, but still, that shouldn’t diminish the fact that Galvao is pretty good at what he does.

The co-main event for Friday’s Bellator 175 will pit Galvao against Emmanuel Sanchez. Sanchez is amassed quite a few wins in the Bellator cage, but of those six wins, only one has been via submission. The rest have all been decisions, which paints a clear picture of Sanchez is and isn’t capable of. At best, he’s going to lay on Galvao like a blanket, and at worst, he’s going to cuddle the Brazilian until they both run off to Providence, RI, and get married. But the likely outcome is that Galvao will smoke him. Galvao is that good.

Anyway, here’s a preview of their match-up.