Liam McGeary was dethroned as Bellator’s light-heavyweight champ when he fought Phil Davis, but that doesn’t diminish his ability and skillset. The dude is a killer. And nowhere else was it more apparent than in his Bellator 173 bout against Brett McDermott in Belfast, Ireland last night.

After getting sat down with a McDermott knuckle sandwich, McGeary was all business, chipping away at his foe with high-kicks and smashing knees, and when it went to the ground, submission attempt after submission attempt. McDermott did well escaping, wiggling free from an armbar and avoiding the perils of McGeary’s ace-in-the-hole triangle choke. But when it came to damage, it was all about McGeary inflicting it on McDermott – so much so that after about a minute into Round 2, the doctor had seen enough and waved off the bout.

With the win, McGeary takes one more step towards reclaiming that belt.


Results: Liam McGeary def. Brett McDermott via TKO (doc stoppage due to cuts) at 1:06, R2