When you let him, Paul Daley can be the most exciting fighter in the world.

Well, Brennan Ward let him.

Both men are well know for their explosive striking, and though Daley has a great depth and range of skill that has enabled him to soar to greater heights, he and Brennan are nearly equal when it comes to the violence they mete out for the sake of a win.

For Bellator 170’s co-main event, that violence meant a sudden knockout via flying knee, and Ward carried out on a stretcher. When the fight began, the duo wasted no time slugging, but Ward flipped the script and shot for a takedown. Daley avoided it, shucking him off and pushing him away, and when Ward changed levels to shoot again – WHAMMO!

Gracie vs. Kato may have sucked, but this bout certainly didn’t.


Results: Paul Daley def. Brennan Ward via KO (Flying Knee) at 2:27, R1