We follow a strange sport sometimes.

As per usual, a sanctioned MMA event (in this instance, Bellator 170) yielded a list of medical suspensions from the overseeing athletic commission (California’s) for the fighters who incurred an injury during the event.

But this time around, one of the fighters got a medical suspension for a stab wound. A STAB WOUND. How in the hell…?

As per MMAJunkie:

Several fighters were given lengthy medical suspensions following this past Saturday’s Bellator 170 event in California – including what may be a fighting first.

Christian Gonzalez was given an indefinite suspension by the California State Athletic Commission, but only in part for something stemming from his fight Daniel Rodriguez on the preliminary card. Gonzalez is out indefinitely for chest pain following the fight – but also for a stab wound he didn’t report to the commission prior to his bout.

You know what would be great? That during a pre-fight medical, a doctor notices a stab wound and doesn’t permit that fighter to compete. That would be swell.