A little over a year ago, gritty, larger-than-life Joe Warren outworked the fearsome Eduardo Dantas and somehow took his belt.

At last night’s Bellator 166, it was clear someone had showed the Brazilian some takedown defense, because Warren had nothing for Dantas.

Sure, maybe age and mileage have made Warren slow down. And yeah, he was never the best when it came to dodging strikes (despite wearing Bellator gold at times). But Warren is a wrestler’s wrestler, the man voted most likely to become a blanket by his high school in 1994. It was, therefore, a little off-putting to see Dantas simply side-step away from the American’s out-stretched hands every time Warren came in.

For the entire five-round fight, Dantas jabbed at Warren while shucking off his takedowns, and though Warren did get him down briefly in Round 4, Dantas was back up almost instantly and the feat was never repeated.

Dantas lost a point for a nailing Warren in the cup a couple times, but otherwise, the scorecards told the tale. And now Dantas has avenged that loss from last year.


Results: Eduardo Dantas def. Joe Warren via Unanimous Decision