We’ll never see human ball of muscle Bobby Lashley fighting for a championship belt (right, Scott Coker? We won’t ever see that, right?). But we will see Bellator feed him fights that play towards his strengths and maximize his entertainment value.

And given Lashley’s wrestling chops and physique, that means a future full of dudes he can’t stop takedowns nor threaten with submissions.

At last night’s Bellator 162, Josh Appelt, a total ham-and-egger whose sole job was to take a beating. Which he did!

Lashley wrestled him to the mat pretty much at will, and spent all of Round 1 pounding away. Appelt survived the onslaught, and even managed to land a few strikes on the feet in the opening of Round 2. But alas, when Lashley got him down again, it was Rear Naked Choke City, population: him.


Results: Bobby Lashley def. Josh Appelt via Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 1:43, R2