Nestled in with all the freakshow fights and mismatches are some real gem matchups. That’s the Scott Coker way, and since taking over Bellator, that’s been the Bellator way, too.

Last night, we got to see erstwhile Russian striking expert Alexander Shlemenko return after a chemically-induced hiatus, and he wasn’t fed any cans. No, he got UFC vet Kendall Grove,¬†who’s been carving out a nice niche for himself as a dangerous dude in Bellator, and the result was fireworks.

Round 1 was pleasingly back-and-forth, with both guys taking chunks out of each other – Grove with his insane reach, Shlemenko with his usual spinning backfists and kicks.

But Round 2 saw Shlemenko find an opening with a crippling left hand to the body and a right to the grill, and Grove came crashing down. The ensuing barrage from above had referee John McCarthy stepping in.

It was a great fight, and a great ending, and now Shlemenko is back in rotation. Hooray!


Results: Alexander Shlemenko def. Kendall Grove via TKO (Punches) at 1:43, R2