Marcos Galvao had a good run as bantamweight champ, but as always, Eduardo Dantas the obstacle he just can’t get beyond.

At last night’s Bellator 156, champ Galvao rematched with challenger Dantas – previously, Dantas has knocked him out at Bellator 89 – and once again Dantas’ vastly superior striking and ability to avoid going to the ground made all the difference.

It wasn’t long into their five-round battle that Dantas had Galvao’s eye swollen shut, and though Galvao kept at it with takedown attempts, he was really only target practice for whatever Dantas threw at him.

The clear-cut unanimous decision and the belt went to Dantas when all was said and done, and now Galvao is back to being the second-best bantamweight on Bellator’s roster.\\