While y’all were paying close attention to UFC 198 on Saturday night, there was a Bellator installment going on, and there were a couple key fights worth noting.

(Don’t worry, I was watching the UFC too, but thanks to the magic of the DVR…)

The most important bout on the card was Muhammad Lawal (a.k.a., “King Mo”) taking on Phil Davis, which pitted a former Strikeforce champ against a former UFC prospect.

It was, as expected, a pretty damn close fight. Since both men are ardent wrestlers, King Mo favored his superior boxing while Davis fired off kicks, and Round 1 saw the former tag the latter with a pretty solid punch.Davis returned the favor in Round 2 – after kicking him square in the nuts – and the final round saw him taking King Mo down and threaten with a kimura. Davis took the decision, but it was close. So close, in fact, that if King Mo had gotten the nod, there would’ve been no injustice.

The other worthwhile matchup at Bellator 154 had aging veteran Evangelista “Cyborg” Santos mix it up with constant contender Saad Awad. For some odd reason Cyborg thought going for a heelhook while eating a barrage of punches was a good idea. It wasn’t, and he ultimately ate probably more than 50 of them before getting TKO’d.

That’s about all you needed to know concerning Bellator 154. You can now continue doing whatever it was you normally do.