Welcome to CagedInsider’s coverage of Bellator 153 – an event headlined by former UFC champ Benson Henderson (!). Whereas most Bellator cards of late have been featuring freakshow matches, this card actually has some top talent on it, so strap in and  get ready.

First up is rising star Michael Page – Bellator’s equivalent of Anderson Silva – against no-name Jeremie Holloway.

The bout begins with Holloway running across the cage and straight into Page’s fist. He goes down like a sack of potatoes, but rises to his feet to eat a bunch more. To Holloway’s credit, he survives long enough to press Page against the cage and hold him there. Unfortunately, when he knees “MVP” in the nuts referee John McCarthy separates them, and that gives Page the opportunity to deliver more pain.

The end comes quickly and in unexpected fashion, as after Holloway gets dropped again and goes for a heelhook, Page counters with a toe hold out of nowhere. Good, surprising win.


Result: Michael Page def. Jeremie Holloway via Submission (Toe Hold) at 2:15, R1