Next up is Brent Primus versus Gleristone Santos – two fighters I know nothing about!

The bout begins with Primus and Santos mixing it up unabashedly in the center of the cage, with Santos slinging some slightly hotter fire in his hands and working some slightly better grappling when they scramble to the ground. But whatever edge in skill and experience he has begins to wane as the round wears on, while Primus seems to only get stronger. The bells sounds with the duo banging it out on the feet.

Round 2 sees them swinging for the fences and the Brazilian landing whenever Primus leans in to strike. But either there’s no power to punches or Primus has got an iron chin, because the American is unfazed. Still, Santos is┬áconsistently racking up points, so it’s hard to imagine he’s not ahead on the scorecards.

They wind up on the ground only very briefly in the opening minute of Round 3, with Primus on the bottom going for a heelhook and Santos stepping out of the hold and dropping a couple judicious fists. When they’re standing Santos does a great job blasting his foe again and again with right hands, but in the final minute Primus succeeds in getting him down and goes to work from top position, trying to pound on a constantly-moving opponent. He lands one thumper just before the bell – is it enough to sway the judges?


Result: Brent Primus def. Gleristone Santos via Split Decision