It may not be one of their tent pole events featuring freakshow matches for the world to gawk at, and sure, it’s a bit overshadowed by an utterly epic UFC on pay-per-view the following night, but Friday will see another installment of Bellator grace our TV screens, and there’s reason to look forward to it.

That reason is Joe Warren.

Warren has been up and down as Bellator champ a few times – so many times that you have to wonder what he has left. But these are the things we know to be true: He’s a wrestling stud, he’s a great talker when the mic is thrust into his face, he’s quite frequently been given a hell of a push by the promotion, and there are times when he survives trouble to rally and win, and times when he gets knocked out so bad he loses a week’s worth of memories.

On Friday night he’ll be taking on Darrion Caldwell, who’s undefeated and is a stud wrestler himself. How will the fight go? Well, it’s safe to say no one will be chilling out in the other man’s guard waiting for a referee standup.