One upon a time Kendall Grove was a TUF star making his name in the Octagon. But he never quite made it in the UFC, so here we are, watching him in the Bellator cage taking on some jiu-jitsu specialist named Francisco France.

Despite being shorter and lacking the mile-long limbs of Grove, France spends much of the first round scaring Grove off with leg-kicks and the threat of a wild overhand right. The second half of the round has the two clinching and throwing knees and foot stomps. There’s not much to like about it, but at least they’re fighting, right?

Round 2 sees France landing another crushing leg-kicks with authority, but something clicks inside Grove’s head (maybe he doesn’t like it?), and he lumbers forward and just unloads a trio of furious right hands that drops France like a bad habit. The follow-up punches on the ground put the shorter guy to sleep, and that’s all she wrote.


Result: Kendall Grove def. Francisco France via KO (Punches) at :35, R2