Originally, this event was supposed to be headlined by a title fight between Marcos Galvao and Eduardo Dantas, but Galvao fell ill so this prelim bout featuring Chuka Willis and Gaston Reyno got pushed up to the main card.

Willis comes out throwing heat in the form of kicks and knees, and he soon has Reyno pressed up against the fence feeling all 145 pounds of his weight. It’s a stifling, smothering game, and it takes two and a half minutes for Reyno to finally push him off and get some distance to throw some painful kicks of his own. Willis doesn’t like that and shoots for a takedown, and for the next half minute he’s stuck trying to escape from a guillotine. He does, and the round ends with him on Reyno’s back working for a choke.

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Round 2 opens with both men playing the kicking game – until Willis switches things up and lands a right hand that crumples Reyno against the cage. He recovers though, and is stuck against the cage trading knees for the duration.

Willis throws Reyno to the canvas with authority in the first 30 seconds of Round 3, and for some odd reason they’re both content to clinch and throw knees for much of the round. Only in the last five seconds does Reyno jump for a guillotine – which is tight, but come on, five seconds left? Willis just waits it out until the bell.


Result: Chuka Willis def. Gaston Reyno via Unanimous Decision