Many years ago, when the legend of Kimbo Slice was reaching its zenith, a curious eye was cast upon the backyard brawler “circuit” that he came from. Were there more like him just waiting for their shot at the spotlight?

Dada 5000 was mentioned then. Supposedly, he was every bit as dangerous with his hands – if not more. But nothing ever came of it.

Until now. Now, Scott Coker runs Bellator, and he’s turned the organization into everything you’ve ever wanted in a freakshow. And tonight, that freakshow has Kimbo facing Dada 5000.

Since Dada has quite a few pounds on his opponent, he charges, trying to impose his will by backing Kimbo against the fence. But Kimbo has been doing MMA a long time, and he simply changes levels, hits a double-leg, and takes Dada down. Not long after he’s in mount, and though he doesn’t get to unload – Dada bear hugs him as if his life depends on it – he’s the one in charge. Unfortunately, they do scramble to their feet, and the big men are exhausted, breathing heavy, lumbering all over the place, and throwing slow punches. That’s how Round 1 ends.

Round 2 opens with Kimbo getting the better of the punching exchanges (ever so slightly), and when Dada tries to smother him, the TUF vet takes him down with ease. Kimbo gets another taekdown after letting him stand, and then they’re simply two very gassed men flopping around like dying fish. It’s ugly as hell, but Kimbo gets mount again, so he probably takes the round.

Praise the Lord, things do end early in the third round! Though completely spent, Kimbo backs Dada against the fence and repeatedly tees off on his face. There’s nothing behind the punches, but Dada is so tired he can’t do anything more than stumble forward, then stumble backward and crash to the canvas. Hooray, it’s over!

Result: Kimbo Slice def. Dada 5000 via TKO (Punches) at 1:32, R3