Next in the cage are Emanuel Newton and Linton Vassell. You might remember Newton as the dude who was light-heavyweight champ and kicking all sorts of butt in Bellator until he met Liam McGeary and Phil Davis. Now he’s trying to get back on track by facing someone he already beat before. Can he do it?

Do you care?

The round opens, they trade kicks, and Newton nails Vassell square in the cup. They pause briefly, and when they restart Vassell shoots for a takedown and works his way into the mount – I guess getting kicked in the junk will make you want to take it to the ground ASAP. Midway through the round Vassell is in back-mount, delivering some pain, and when the former champ rolls this way and that, Vassell follows and keeps on him like glue. Miraculously, Newton escapes in the final minute, and after some scrambling he lands on top at the bell.

Round 2 begins much like the first – they trade kicks, and Vassell takes one in the jewels. Why does Newton hate his opponent’s groin so much? After a restart Newton and Vassell resume striking, with Vassell peppering his foe with punches. This doesn’t sit well with Newton, so he grabs a single-leg and throws Vassell down and manhandles him. Unfortunately, when they get back to their feet Newton knees Vassell in the sack, and it takes a long while for him to recover. Thankfully, the ref deducts a point for the infraction.

The round ends with the duo swinging, but Newton needs a knockout or submission to win now thanks to the lost point.

The third round has Newton getting a takedown a minute in. He doesn’t do too much with it, and soon they’re back upright and it’s Vassell’s turn to get a takedown. Unlike his opponent, Vassell does do a lot with the opportunity – first be securing mount, then by taking Newtown’s back. The bell sounds with Vassell on top dropping leather.

Result: Linton Vassell def. Emanuel Newton via Unanimous Decision