Welcome to CagedInsider’s liveblog coverage of Bellator 149 – yes, the event with Kimbo Slice in it. Up first on the main card: Daniel Pineda versus Emmanuel Sanchez. Who? Exactly.

Pineda and Sanchez waste no time mixing it up with punches, but it takes all of about 15 seconds for Pineda to switch things up and shoot for a takedown. He gets it, and for the next minute he’s tying Sanchez in knots and taking his back. Sanchez squirms out of it, though, and they’re back on their feet trading cautiously. Alas, that caution doesn’t help Sanchez prevent another takedown, and for the rest of the round he’s stuck dodging triangles and calf-slicers and dealing with his opponent’s top game.

For some odd reason Pineda comes out for Round 2 looking to strike, and though he lands a spinning elbow and a spinning back-kicks, Sanchez starts pegging him with kicks and combos. Pineda lumbers into some takedown attempts at that point, and this time Sanchez stuffs them, and then punishes him with ground and pound. Midway through the round Sanchez gets back to his feet, but Pineda snags his ankles and takes him down, and this time he’s on top . He’s too exhausted to do much damage, and after a referee standup, tries a lame capoeira kick and winds up on his back for his folly. The frame ends with Pineda scoring yet another takedown.

Pineda’s level-change and shot remains unstoppable in the third, but he tries to leap over his foe’s legs to pass guard and Sanchez sweeps him. For the next two and a half minutes Sanchez pounds on him, and when they stumble back to standing they’re moving in molasses – Pineda more than Sanchez. They’re soon scrambling endlessly on the canvas, and Pineda is just too tired to keep up. He stays alive, but Sanchez batters him relentlessly until his eye is hamburger.

Result: Emmanuel Sanchez def. Daniel Pineda via Split Decision