Bellator 106: Chandler vs Alvarez 2 goes down tonight (Nov. 2, 2013) with three championship rematch fights at the top of the card. First, Muhamed “King Mo” Lawal looks to avenge his knockout loss to Emanuel Newton. Then, Pat Curran looks to repeat a 2009 knockout win over Daniel Straus, and lightweight champion Michael Chandler takes on Eddie Alvarez for a second time.

Preliminary bouts are expected to begin @ 7:00 p.m. ET/4:00 p.m. PT with the preliminary fight card. Switch over to SPIKE TV after that for the remainder of the fight card, which will get started around 9:00 p.m. ET/6:00 p.m. PT.

Main Card (Spike TV)

– Michael Chandler vs. Eddie Alvarez:

Round One: Both fighters bouncing around on their heels and Chandler is moving in with big punches and kicks that Alvarez avoids. Alvarez with a one two punch and Chandler is still moving in with kicks. Alvarez lands a jab and an uppercut misses for Chandler. Alvarez retreats as Chandler throws a big right hand. Chandler with a winging left hook and he lands a kick to the body as Alvarez was backing away. Alvarez with a right hand but Chandler is still staying on him. Chandler with a takedown and he has Alvarez’s back and he’s going for the choke, but he’s too high on the back and Alvarez shakes him off. Round ends with Chandler walking Alvarez down with punches.

Round Two: Alvarez comes out with more jabs and right hands. Chandler responds with a big right and a left behind it. Alvarez back on his bicycle and Chandler is pressing forward. Alvarez with another right hand and Chandler continues to press forward. Alvarez pops his jab and Chandler shoots a takedown. Alvarez stuffs it but Chandler is staying on him and not giving him much room to time anything big. Body kick by Chandler and he scores another takedown on Alvarez. Chandler bleeding from his face an there’s a minute left in the round. Chandler walks Alvarez down but eats a right hand left hook. Chandler takes it and drives in for the takedown to end the round in top position

Round Three: Alvarez lands a head kick as Chandler was going low with his. Chandler shoots a takedown and Alvarez stuffs it easily and goes back to the punches. Chandler staying active with his jab now and drops down for a takedown. Alvarez with a right and Chandler answers with a jab. Alvarez with a on two and stuffs another takedown. Alvarez spins around the back and he lands a couple hard punches while Chandler had his back on the fence. Chandler gets another takedown and takes the back of Alvarez and he’s going for the choke. Alvarez avoids and the round ends with Chandler in top position

Round Four: Championship rounds begin with the crowd getting behind Alvarez. Chandler’s face is busted up bad and Alvarez is looking to target the swelling. Chandler with his back on the fence and he lands a jumping knee that backs Alvarez up. Chandler brings Alvarez back to the ground and he’s bleeding all over Alvarez’s chest and face. This is nasty. Chandler now dropping bombs down but Alvarez is avoiding a good majority of them. Chandler working short elbows now and he traps one of Alvarez’s arms behind his back so he can land some more ground and pound. Alvarez goes to sit up and roll out but Chandler starts landing a series of ground strikes and Alvarez goes back to full guard. Chandler lands more ground and pound and finishes the fourth round on top

Round Five: Alvarez comes out winging punches and Chandler tries another knee. Alvarez in on a takedown and Chandler avoids it. Chandler with a takedown and he takes Alvarez’s back an he’s working for the choke. Alvarez spins out and lands some punches on Chandler before backing away and restarting in the center.¬† Alvarez now has Chandler on the fence and he now has the back of the champion! Alvarez has a full rear naked choke and Chandler rolls out of it. Alvarez stays on it but Chandler ends up in top position and finishes the fight on top. Both fighters beaten and bloody

Alvarez wins via split decision

– Muhammed Lawal vs. Emanuel Newton:

Round One: Lawal walking Newton down and pumping his jab. Newton working some inside kicks to the body before Lawal works hard for a takedown. Newton is down momentarily before popping back up to his feet, but Lawal is all over him and gets him down again. Lawal is havin a hard time getting Newton flat on his back though, and they separate to slug it out a bit. Newton lands a low shot on Lawal and the action comes to a halt. They restart and Newton tries a side kick as Lawal tackles him down. Newton gets his guard and makes his way to the cage to work his way up. Newton with some more tricky strikes but Lawal isn’t really responding and he’s staying on the outside to avoid anything big. Round ends and Lawal sticks his tongue out

Round Two: Lawal pressing forward and lands a nice overhand right. Newton tries a spin kick and misses. Lawal brings the action back against the fence and slams Newton to the ground with a single-leg takedown. Lawal in side control now and Newton makes his way back to his feet. Lawal backing up with his chin out and Newton makes him pay with a kick to the face. Newton jumps on him and Lawal shoots. Newton sprawls and throws more kicks, but Lawal avoids most of it until he recovers from the kick. Newton showing his unorthodox striking style in the second round. Round ends with Newton getting the better of Lawal.

Round Three: Newton gets back to the kicks to the body and Lawal is walking him down again. Spin kick attempt from Newton that’s off, then a right hand followed by a body kick lands flush on Lawal. Newton lands another big right hand on Lawal and he keeps trying a spinning back kick to the head, but Lawal is avoiding them all and pushing Newton back. Newton switching stances now and landing those back kicks to the body now. Not much offense from Lawal at this point and Newton is working all kinds of kicks to the head and body. Lawal drops for a takedown, Newton defends it and goes right back to his crazy striking style. Round ends with Lawal looking frozen

Round Four: More kicks from Newton and Lawal continues to press forward without throwing many punches. Lawal gets a takedown and Newton is right back to his feet and against the fence. Newton turns around and escapes the clinch. Lawal jabs and almost ducks right into an inside kick. Newton tries a spinning backfist for once in this fight but Lawal closes the distance and avoids. Newton with an inside kick to the leg and Lawal is avoiding everything powerful in this round. Round ends

Round Five: Newton comes out stalking Lawal now, still throwing spin kicks to the body. Lawal fires off a right hand and Newton answers with some more kicks. Lawal working hard for a takedown and Lawal is now trying to turn it up and land some punches on Newton. Newton almost lands the same kick that rocked Lawal in round two, which was when Newton pretty much took over in this fight. A one two punch from Newton and Lawal is going for a takedown, but Newton avoids it and goes back to the kicks. Round ends with Lawal backing away and dodging all the power shots from Newton

Newton wins via unanimous decision

– Pat Curran vs. Daniel Straus:

Round One: Featherweight championship on the line and Curran throws out a couple head kicks. Straus gets a takedown and Curran works back to his feet right away. Jab from Straus and he’s switching stances. Inside kick to the body by Straus and a solid right hand behind it. Inside leg kick from Straus and Curran lands low on his. They continue and Straus is keeping the pressure on the champ. Curran moves in with straight punches and Straus counters with a right hook. Straus working for a takedown but Curran is staying strong on the cage. Straus turns to take his back and he’s landing knees to the legs of Curran. Round ends with Curran getting pressed into the cage.

Round Two: Straus continues to press forward and Curran is getting off some solid punches this round. Straus stays tough and lands a flush kick to the body of Curran. Curran with a right hand and he slips for a moment but he returns to his feet. Curran moves in and lands two good left hands in close. Body shot by Curran and he’s doing a lot better with his striking in this second round. Two punch combo from Curran and Straus answers with a low kick. Straus now ducking under for a takedown and Curran avoids it this time. Both fighters trade kicks and an elbow over the top from Curran lands in close. More punching exchanges before the round ends.

Round Three: Straus comes out with a jump knee that Curran avoids and goes to the body with a punch. Straus now deep on a takedown attempt along the fence but Curran is avoiding it nicely. Straus throws him down for a moment but Curran returns to his feet. Curran now looking to take Straus down. Straus tries another throw and he takes a flush knee to the face while he’s down. A point is taken away from Curran and Straus is back for more. Straus immediately gets a takedown on Curran and he passes guard before the round ends.

Round Four: Straus comes out with more forward pressure and he gets Curran up against the fence before slamming him to the canvas. Curran bounces right back up but Straus still has the body lock around the waist. Straus now on top of Curran and he winds up in a guillotine choke, but he works his way out of it. Straus postures up and he’s dropping down some heavy punches on the champion. Straus now looking for a choke from mount and Curran is split open form the ground and pound. Round ends with Straus on top.

Round Five: Straus with a straight left hand followed by a kick to the leg of Curran. Straus backing him up against the fence and Curran fires off some punches¬† that barely miss the target. Both fighters look comfortable boxing it out in the last round of this championship fight. Straus with another jump knee and some combinations behind it land on Curran. Curran avoids the onslaught and Straus drops down for a takedown. Curran prevents the takedown and pushes Straus into the fence to work for his own, but Straus is too strong here and it’s not looking good for the champion. Thirty seconds left and Curran is oddly going hard for a takedown when he’s lost more rounds than he’s won. Fight ends with Curran going for takedowns instead of trying to knock Straus out to save his title.

Straus wins via unanimous decision

– Joe Riggs vs. Mike Bronzoulis:

Round One: Bronzoulis with some low kicks and Riggs responds with one of his own. More of the same from Bronzoulis before Riggs fires off a straight left hand. Bronzoulis with some more leg kicks and Riggs again responds with a left right that has Bronzoulis covering up, but he’s right back to the kicking attack. Bronzoulis lands another low kick that wobbles Riggs. Bronzoulis now switches it up and goes high with a kick and Riggs answers with some heavy punches. They collide in close and Riggs gets a trip takedown and he’s inside the guard of Bronzoulis. Some ground and pound landing for Riggs and he takes Bronzoulis’ back and starts working for the choke. Not much commitment by Riggs as the round is nearing its end. Still, Riggs keeps control of Bronzoulis for the rest of the first round.

Round Two: Riggs comes out to put Bronzoulis back where he had him at the end of round one. Bronzoulis looks stronger here and works his way to his feet. A clash of heads in close has Riggs opened up and bloody. Back on the fence is Bronzoulis and Riggs breaks with a big right elbow. Riggs avoids knees in the clinch to get another takedown on Bronzoulis. Side control for Riggs and he transitions to full back control. Bronzoulis is staying tough and trying to break free, but Riggs is staying on him. Bronzoulis gets free and now he’s in Riggs’ guard. The round ends with Riggs on bottom and working for a submission off his back.

Round Three: Both fighters embrace in the center for the final round of this fight master finale. Bronzoulis wings some wild punches and a kick behind it. Riggs presses forward and backs Bronzoulis up against the fence before elevating him and getting a big slam takedown. Riggs again on Bronzoulis’ back and he gets both hooks in and he’s working for a rear naked choke. Bronzoulis isn’t allowing it, so Riggs just keeps peppering away with punches while keeping control of his opponent. Bronzoulis now stands up with Riggs is hanging on his back. Riggs lets go of one hook and brings Bronzoulis back to the ground. The fight ends with Riggs and Bronzoulis trading punches on the feet.

Riggs wins via unanimous decision

– Mike Richman vs. Akop Stepanyan:

Round One: Richman comes out southpaw while Stepanyan is standing traditionally. Richman pushes with his jab and Stepanyan returns with a right hand left hook. Stepanyan tries a spinning backfist and now Richman is cautious of his tricky moves. Wheel kick attempt from Stepanyan backs Richman up and a winging left hook barely misses the target. Richman returns with a two punch combo of his own and a hard right hook grazes Stepanyan. Straight left punch lands for Richman and Stepanyan seems happy to be in a brawl as he wings a few punches that are off the mark. Richman keeping the pace high and picking his shots carefully. Stepanyan lands a hard right hand that stuns Richman. Richman keeps his stance perfect as he has the entire fight. A big left hand lands for Richman and a double hammerfist seals the deal.

Richman wins via TKO @ 4:05 of Round One

Preliminary Card (

– Jesse Juarez vs. Joe Williams:
– Alejandro Garcia vs. Cristiano Souza: Souza wins via submission (rear naked choke) @ 3:06 of Round Three
– Brandon Halsey vs. Hector Ramirez: Halsey wins via TKO @ :52 seconds of Round One
– Mike Guymon vs. Aaron Miller: Guymon wins via submission (triangle) @ 4:20 of Round Two
– Joe Camacho vs. Cleber Luciano: Luciano wins via unanimous decision
– Darren Smith vs. Josh Smith: Josh Smith wins via unanimous decision