Friday, September 20, 2013 — Bellator Fighting Championships brings their 170-pound tournament to the Grand Canyon University Arena in Pheonix, Arizona. In addition to the five welterweight wars on the main card, there are also some intriguing prelim bouts that can have some thrilling turnouts.

Rising lightweight Bubba Jenkins was an accomplished wrestler who has converted his skills over to MMA competition and has gone an undefeated 4-0 as a pro. Efrain Escudero, an Ultimate Fighter winner whose luck ran out in the Octagon, has joined the list of ex-UFC fighters to sign with Bellator.

It all goes down TONIGHT! Starting @ 7:00 ET/4:00 PT for the preliminary fight card. Switch over to SPIKE TV after that for the remainder of the fight card, starting around 9:00 ET/6:00 PT.

Here are some fast results for the entire fight card:

  • Douglas Lima vs. Ben Saunders: Lima wins by Head Kick Knockout
  • Vaughn Anderson vs. War Machine: War Machine by rear naked choke
  • Rick Hawn vs. Herman Terrado: Hawn by Unanimous Decision
  • Justin Baesman vs. Brent Weedman: Weedman wins by armbar
  • Ron Keslar vs. Sergio Junior: Keslar wins by Split Decision
  • Brandon Bender vs. Travis Marx: Marx wins by TKO
  • Larue Burley vs. Bubba Jenkins: Burley wins by TKO
  • Liam McGeary vs. Beau Tribolet: McGeary wins by KO
  • Dan Charles vs. Siala-Mou Siliga: Mou Siliga wins by TKO
  • Johnny Buck vs. Adam McDonough: McDonough wins by TKO
  • Clifford Starks vs. Joe Yager: Starks wins by Decision
  • Efrain Escudero vs. Zack Surdyka

Bellator Season 8 Welterweight Tournament Finals:

– Douglas Lima vs. Ben Saunders

Round One: Both come out exchanging an array of kicks that are coming from every angle. Nothing landing hard at this point, but both fighters are moving cautiosly in the early going to avoid any crucial mistakes. Lima lands a snapping low kick and Saunders responds with a low kick of his own before Lima cracks him in the ribs with a body kick. Saunders seems eager to bring the fight down to the ground and Lima stays strong and shoos him off without much of a fight. Another big kick from Lima has Saunders backpedaling. Both fighters trade wild strikes as the round comes to an end.

Round Two: Both start off where they left off, circling on the outside is Saunders and Lima gets the clinch after landing a nice one-two punch. Big right hand from Lima sends Saunders to the canvas and this looks like the beginning of the end. Nope! Saunders keeps a high defensive guard. There’s massive swelling starting to form under Saunders’ left eyeball. Lima attempts a pass and Saunders keeps him off with a leg lock position that Lima backs out of. They return to their feet and Lima is looking to land on the damaged side of Saunders’ face. Lima tags the scrawny Saunders in the midsection and Lima follows up with a huge head kick that floors Saunders. WOW! Incredible KO.

Lima wins by Knockout @ 4:33 in Round Two


– Vaughn Anderson vs. War Machine

Round One: Both fighters throw some punches and War Machine gets the easy takedown. He advances to side control shortly after but Anderson regains guard. War Machine stays on top of him and he’s looking to reign down some ground-and-pound. Anderson is using the fence well and he’s not taking much damage from War Machine as he gets the sweep. War Machine looking to throw up a triangle but Anderson is aware of his surroundings and avoids easily. They’re back to their feet briefly until Vaughn scores another solid takedown. War Machine fights him off and powers back to his feet. Vaughn again with a shot but War Machine knew it was coming and finishes the round in top position.

Round Two: War Machine capitalizes on the straightforward aggression of Vaughn, taking him down and landing in his guard. War Machine strong on top and tries to pass guard. War Machine with a strong crucifix but can’t land the needed series of strikes to force the stoppage. Vaughn fights out and he’s showing a lot of heart. War Machine stays heavy on top and gets the back for a minute before locking in a rear naked choke. It’s a battle at first – Vaughn peeling the hand not wanting to call it quits – War Machine putting it back in place and squeezing as hard as he can. War Machine adjusts his grip palm-to-palm and secures the lock. Vaughn has no quit in him and goes unconscious. Impressive sub from The Machine!

War Machine wins by rear naked choke @ 4:01 of Round Two

– Rick Hawn vs. Herman Terrado

Round One: Hawn closes the distance early and thinks twice about going for the big judo throw and backs up to see how his standup fares against Terrado’s. Hawn with a few clean right hands before Terrado returns fire and tags Hawn with some of his own.  Hawn with a front kick that’s off and he keeps his jab in Terrado’s face before Terrado tries to rush him with winging hooks. Hawn ducks and immediately gets the clinch along the fence and Terrado is not doing much to fight him off here in round one.

Round Two: Hawn keeps pushing Terrado back but he’s unable to land anything significant. Terrado is aiming for a one punch knockout, but if he lets Hawn stay on him like this it’s not going to end very well for him. Hawn unleashes a combination grabs a body lock as Terrado looks to counter. Hawn gets a trip as the round comes to an end.

Round Three: Hawn stalks his opponent around the cage and lands a nice left hook as Terrado tried to move out of the way. Hawn keeps a strong jab and Terrado has nothing for him at this point. Then again, he hasn’t had anything for him in the past two either. Terrado ducks for a desperation double-leg takedown that is off by a mile. Hawn makes him pay with more short punches. Terrado keeps trying to counter with a telegraphed over hand right while Hawn keeps his offense calculated and precise, not allowing himself to get stopped by a comeback knockout. Round ends.

Hawn by Unanimous Decision

– Ron Keslar vs. Sergio Junior

Round One: Keslar gets a takedown right away and reigns down some crazy ground-and-pound that gets the crowd pumped up! Keslar gets side control and works for a choke and he can’t get it locked. Junior makes his way back to his feet. Keslar gets the clinch and he’s using knees on the fence. Now they’re both trading knees in close and they separate. Uppercut by Keslar and he’s pouring it on Junior while he has his back on the cage. They stay in the clinch without much activity for the rest of the round.

Round Two: Keslar comes out storming and drops Junior with a knockout punch that doesn’t knock Junior out. His head just hits the mat really hard and echoes throughout the arena. Keslar pounces on him for the finish and Junior stays tough. Keslar gets mount momentarily, but Junior regains his guard Keslar takes the back and can’t complete a rear naked choke submission no matter how hard he tries. It gets to the point where Junior is allowing the choke to be put on him but it’s not effective enough to make him tap.

Round Three: Keslar comes out to close the distance and Junior shoos him off. Keslar with a takedown and Junior locks up a deep guillotine that doesn’t look very deep until Keslar doesn’t even try to fight out of it. Junior holds onto the squeeze for a long time until his arms are completely dead. Keslar pops out and he’s taking a breather on his hands and knees after fighting off that choke for so long. They’re back up, exchanging strikes before Keslar sprawls a takedown and takes the back for the rest of the round with not much commitment to finish the fight.

Keslar by Split Decision

– Justin Baesman vs. Brent Weedman:

Round One: Weedman charges Baesman and lands a nice variety of kicks and punches. Baesman biding his time and catches the clinch position when Weedman missed with a big punch. Baesman not putting much pressure on Weedman against the fence and Weedman turns it around. Some short strikes from Weedman to set up a takedown and Baesman is flat on his back. It doesn’t look like this is where he wants to be. Weedman gets passed the gaurd with ease and works for an armbar. They’re rolling fast but Weedman won’t let go of it. He stays relentless with his attack, working to stretch his opponent’s arm enough to force the tapout, but Baesman doesn’t want to go out so soon. Doesn’t matter. Weedman finally gets the lock on tight and finishes the fight with the first round armbar to advance to the semifinals of the welterweight tournament.

Weedman by Armbar @ 3:20 of Round One


– Brandon Bender vs. Travis Marx:

Marx by Technical Knockout (TKO) @ 4:28 of Round Two

– Larue Burley vs. Bubba Jenkins:

Burley by Technical Knockout @ 3:40 of Round Three

– Liam McGeary vs. Beau Tribolet:

McGeary by Knockout @ :37 seconds of Round One

– Dan Charles vs. Siala-Mou Siliga:

Mou Siliga by Technical Knockout (TKO) @ 1:26 of Round Three

– Johnny Buck vs. Adam McDonough:

Mcdonough by Technical Knockout (TKO) @ 4:51 of Round One

– Clifford Starks vs. Joe Yager:

Starks by Unanimous Decision


– Efrain Escudero vs. Zack Surdyka