He was a title challenger in Bellator, but man, that’s the least interesting thing about Shahbulat Shamhalaev. Maybe it was the time the Dagestani badass confronted a politician with hunting rifle and handgun, or six bullets he took, or the attempted escape from the hospital – whatever it was, Shamhalaev’s exploits outside of the cage make his time in the cage seem like run-of-the-mill stuff.

As per BloodyElbow:

Three weeks after being shot six times, including a bullet that grazed his head, Shahbulat Shamhalaev has been discharged from hospital in Dagestan.

The former Bellator tournament winner and title challenger arrived at the hospital on June 1 with six bullet holes punctured throughout his body. Doctors operated immediately and were able to stabilize his condition. Shamhalaev was eventually placed in an induced coma and his vital organs were saved from any lasting damage.

Once Shamhalaev awoke from the coma, the fighter attempted to escape the confines of the hospital, and even made it as far as the courtyard before he was stopped by security. He even attacked one of the nurses during that time, an incident that was deemed the result of the “hallucinogenic effects” of the medication he was given.

Despite his turbulent tenure with the hospital, Shamhalaev was given an early discharge from the hospital because of his improved health.

Read the rest of the piece – a pretty damn interesting picture if painted.