Preliminary ratings numbers are in for Friday night’s Bellator 138 extravaganza, which saw as its main event YouTube legend Kimbo Slice demolish UFC 1 legend Ken Shamrock, and holy cow did a lot of people tune in.

As per a Bellator press release, the event averaged 1.6 million viewers, with Slice and Shamrock peaking at 2.1 million.

That makes Bellator 138 the most-watched Bellator ever.

Obviously, we knew going in that the spectacle of two very old, very washed up men with mucho name recognition was going to attract curious eyes. This just proves us – and Bellator frontman Scott Coker – right.

What does this mean for the future? Well, we’re of course going to get more of these kinds of matchups, as they are a goldmine for the promotion, SpikeTV and Viacom. It also might mean we’ll see Slice and Shamrock again. Probably not fighting each other, but certainly in the cage with someone else just as old and washed up.

Welcome to 2015, folks.