Scott Coker is the man. Not only did the former Strikeforce boss swoop in and revamp a flagging Bellator promotion, but he elevated it to something real and viable and compelling. Which brings us to Friday night’s Bellator 138, and the headlining bout that pits Kimbo Slice against MMA pioneer (literally – he fought at UFC 1) Ken Shamrock.

Holy crap does that match-up suck, as it pits two fighters who are about at least ten years over the hill against each other, but so what? Just like with Tito Ortiz vs. Stephan Bonnar, the spectacle pairing in the marquee bout is going to attract a ton of eyeballs to some really talented fighters on the undercard who would otherwise exist in ignominy. So let’s applaud Coker and Bellator for doing luring Kimbo and Shamrock back into the pool. And let’s enjoy these videos hyping Saturday’s event!