UFC president Dana White must have a crystal ball, as he predicts right on the money, according to Eddie Alvarez. “It’s going to get ugly,” and it has continued to do just that. Another appearance on the MMA Hour with Alvarez, exposed yet even more shady dealings between the fighter(s) and the organization. Don’t blame it on the founder and president either according to Alvarez — he’s not the executive any-longer; Viacom is.

“Pardon my French, this is a big dick-swinging contest between two big companies,” Alvarez said. “I have nothing to do with it.”

“I’m trying to do everything the right way, and it seems like for Spike and Viacom, they are getting in the way,” Alvarez said. “I believe they had every intention of doing this anyway. It becomes clear to me that they had every intention of blocking me from going to UFC from the very beginning.”

“They can’t match FOX, they can’t match pay-per-view, they can’t match the opportunity and the money I was going to be given,” said Alvarez. “They can’t, or else they would have never had to change it, couldn’t get contract the way it was.

“They sent the new [clause] to my management, but they sent the old one to me that said ‘all terms,’ … You can’t change the contract in the middle of the contract. If you’re playing unfair, you’re playing unfair. I’m trying to play by the rules. They’re lying to the judge, they’re changing the contract, I can’t play that game. They’re not leaving me any choice. If they’re going to kick me in the balls, eventually I’m going to kick them in the balls back.”

Even after all that, Alvarez is still aware that he may have to return to the organization that is giving him all the pain. Either way, he’s surprisingly come to terms with that notion and is ready for it.

“Who else do I work for?” he said. If they’re all the same, you work for the person who’s paying you the most. You work for the person who offers the most benefits, that’s it. Every fighter out here needs to worry about yourself. If all them were trying to do this and do that, and try to do the best, then you have to work for the guys who offers you the most. You really don’t have a choice.”

That’s how they made it seem. But when they sent me my early release, they changed the wording in my original contract. They changed the wording “all terms matched” to “material terms.” Because they know they cannot match all the terms of the UFC offer.

So I sent the contract to my manager, Glen Robinson. Glen and the attorneys right away told me, “Wait a minute.” Viacom sent the contract for the release to my house. They sent it to my house, when they were supposed to go through my attorneys and my management. But they sent a different copy, a copy to my house, thinking that I would sign it and send it back.

I informed my management that I got the contract at my house. And I’ll show you guys. We have it. And this is the whole case, to be honest with you. This is what the whole case is about. It’s about matching. And what they did when they realized that this is going to be very tough, that they weren’t going to be able to match it. They only way they were going to be able to match it was if they gave me an early release and changed the wording on the contract, and I would sign it.” – MMAFighting/MMAHour

Photo Credit: Scott Petersen / MMA Weekly.com