Alexander Shlemenko has been a Caged Insider favorite for years — for what he calls the “iron in his heart and soul.” Simply put, whenever the hard-hitting Russian “Storm” is in the cage, you’ve got a fight on your hands.

Unfortunately, he’s not in the cage tonight for Bellator’s big event in St. Louis, and he won’t appear for them anywhere for a bit.

Shlemenko, seen above right landing a spinning back-fist on Tito Ortiz, has been suspended due to elevated testosterone levels in a bout back in February. So, while he made a little history in recent years — winning twelve straight bouts at one point — you might say he’s ended up on the wrong side of history, too.

In an interview with Russian website, Shlemenko expressed a negative opinion about another of today’s rising trends, the increased focus on women’s MMA fighting.

“It is not a woman’s occupation,” Shlemenko said, as translated by Karim Zidan of Bloody Elbow. “I am not against the employment of women in MMA. On the contrary, I believe that women should be able to fend for themselves. But when a woman is already working on the [professional] result, she turns into a man.”

In fact, a women’s bout is headlining the UFC event in Germany tomorrow. Shlemenko didn’t offer any specifics about which fighters he feels are turning into men — or, whatever it is he’s trying to say here. Maybe that’s for the best, though.

Of the chance to fight in UFC, Shlemenko said simply, “If I wanted to go, I would have already gone.”

“Many people put too much importance to this promotion,” he explained. “This is not the Olympic Games. We are engaged in professional sports. There are conditions of the contract. For some, it is better and for some it is worse. Every man chooses for himself.”