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White: ‘Mitrione turned down Cormier fight, makes me sick’

Well it looks like fighters are not learning from Jon Jones’ mistake. Matt Mitrione has turned down a headlining fight with Daniel Cormier in order to save the upcoming Strikeforce card. While the fight may not make sense to fans, it makes even less sense that Mitrione would turn the headline fight down. Yes, he has a fight lined up for UFC 155, but the fight is taking place on the undercard. Beating Cormier would do wonders for the former NFL player’s career. Considering that headliners rarely ever are coming off a loss and have not fought in almost a year as Mitrione would be, the denial is truly strange.

“It f—ing makes me sick,” White told on Saturday following the UFC on FUEL TV 5 post-fight news conference. “Listen, you don’t want big opportunities, I hear you. I get it, then. All I can say is, I guess he doesn’t want big opportunities. I get it. Duly noted.”

During a recent interview between Rampage Jackson and Ariel Helwani on the MMA Hour, Mitrione called into the show to challenge Jackson to his last contractually obligated UFC fight. Jackson was quick to accept the challenge. White has since shot down the fighters match-making.

“He wants to fight a guy who weighs 205, but doesn’t want to fight the guy who’s the real heavyweight, the legitimate guy who’s ranked. And Mitrione’s not getting any younger.”

“Fuckin’ insane,” White said. “It makes no sense to me, and it’s insane. I’m a little bummed out by it. We’ll figure it out. Yeah, (he’s already got a fight booked). He said, ‘I’ll just take that one.'”

With the fight almost a month away time is running thin on being able to find someone to contend against Cormier. Cormier has asked to fight Pat Berry because they are both from Louisiana, but that fight will do nothing for his career. The problem is he just wants to fight anyone. Too bad most of the top Heavyweights are already lined up for a match, or they are coming off a match too recently.

There are only two UFC heavyweights who could possibly take the match. It would be Cheick Kongo or Mark Hunt. Those would be the easiest matches and Mark Hunt would be someone that would take the fight. In Vitor’s words, he is ‘old school.’ So, who is back on the Hunt train. People opined for him to fight JDS for the title, but how about Cormier for the Strikeforce title?

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  • Damon says:

    It’s Strikeforce though. I can see him seeing it as being sent down to the minors or something. They just need to let Strikeforce die and bring women’s MMA to the UFC.

  • Dan says:

    Why would Mittrione even accept this fight? he lost against Kongo, he is just being fed to Cormeir because he’s the only fighter with any prefabricated hype they can find, fuck the ufc for supporting can crushing.

  • Bob says:

    There’s a big, giant difference in fighting JDS and Cormier. Hunt could fight JDS because JDS would prefer to stand, all the time, every time. Cormier is the best wrestler in MMA. Hunt would get taken down and subbed or TKO’d in 30 seconds, unfortunately.
    If Struve isn’t hurt, he should take the fight. I’d pay to see that

  • lrpgrant says:

    Cormier JDS would be the fight to watch and will be a huge draw..but Cormier needs a good fight before the least Hunt Cormier would be a good fight if they make it happen Hunt lost to Barnett int he past and Cormier but Barnett..

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