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UFC on Fuel TV 8: Matches to Make from the Undercard

Brad Tavares vs. winner of Francis Carmont/Lorenz Larkin

Tavares picked up one of the biggest wins of his career even though he has beaten bigger named fighters than Riki Fukuda. The bottom line is that Tavares is 25-years old, and has beaten strikers, wrestlers, and even well-rounded fighters. He has completely changed the physicality of his body, and while that does not make him a better fighter, it shows his commitment to the sport. At 5-1, he deserves the next step up in competition, and the winner of Larkin versus Carmont represents that next challenge.

Takeya Mizugaki vs. Alex Caceres

It is always easy to match up two fighters coming off a win on the same card, but these two run in the same circles. Caceres must have fans in Asian countries, because he most recently fought in China and Japan, which Mizugaki has as well. Depending on when they head back to the Land of the Rising Sun, a match-up between the two bantamweights would be a perfect fight for that card.

Bryan Caraway vs. Ken Stone

Caraway proclaimed to have gotten rid of his mental blocks for fighting, but bad advice from his corner ruined his chances to prove that. He was told he was up two rounds to none going into the third, which was not the way the judges were seeing it, and instead of taking Mizugaki down again, Caraway was content to stand. If Caraway wants to try out his stand-up in a fight, Stone would be a better fighter to try it out on. The Team Alpha Male representative does not fall that far with a loss, but he needs to go for the finish and win in every round instead of coasting.

Hyun Gyu Lim vs. Seth Baczynski

This is the one fight that many people missed, but it was an impressive win nonetheless. Lim is a tall and lanky welterweight at 6’2″ tall with a 79-inch reach. With eight knockouts in twelve career wins, you know where Lim’s game lies. Baczynski provides the perfect test in all areas of MMA, and will give the UFC brass an idea of how far Lim may be able to go in the organization.

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  • Cut Okami next time he loses. He’s an overgrown Ben Askren/Jon Fitch. At least they try to finish.

  • This whole night was garbage except for 20 minutes. Hunt, Struve, Stann and Silva made the card exciting.

    All the under cards fought like they were afraid to lose (probably because of the cuts) an event with 3 finishes and 9-10 decisions. This card overall was a Huge disappointment. Sanchez was given a gift. I was so glad Hunt and Silva won but 3 hours of not hungry undercard fighters is annoying.

    No wonder Bellator pulled 925,000 viewers last week and UFC on fox could barely make 1,200,000 viewers. Guys are a lot more hungry to win and preform in Bellator.

    Hats off to Hunt, Struve, Stann and Silva for saving the card from being a snore festival.

  • Vitor (TRT junkie) VS Silva 2 (185lbs)
    Hunt Vs Nelson (#1 contender)
    Struve Vs loser of Bigfoot/Cain 2 title fight
    (if Struve loses cut him)
    Rematch Gomi Vs Sanchez
    Stann Vs Lombard

    I know this is a strange one but I’d like to see
    Okami Vs Cung Le
    Classic Grappler Vs Striker

  • Brent Lisk says:

    roy nelson dont deserve contendership he lost to werdum and lost to frank mir and hes beat pee wee and mitrion big countrys fighting kongo next more like it should be werdum vs mark hunt winner fights winner out of dos santos and alistair overeem wich will of course be dos santos and then dos santos goes back in and fights cain smart and trains his ass off with cardio and wrestling and takes fight seriously and takes belt from cain agin

  • ^Roys on a 2 fight win streak (3 if he beats Kongo) and Hunt has 4 wins in a row Werdum is coming off a lose just like frank Mir.

  • @Brent you are naming everything wrong with the UFC. Contendership is given out on popularity and not wins. Hunt will lose to Cain but with 4 wins in a row more then any other heavyweight right now he deserves a shot. Roy has 2 KO victories know one else in the top 5 is on any kind of winning streak. If Roy KO’s Kongo I’d like to see Hunt Vs Roy with a title shot waiting (neither guy will beat Cain but at least recognize they are winning)
    Winning over and over gets overlooked in the UFC. Its become a popularity contest.

    JDS will not beat Cain he only has a punchers chance.

  • Hunt has nothing to gain by beating Werdum. Why would a guy with 4 wins in a row fight a guy who just lost?

    Overeem lost badly to silva but I could see Overeem VS JDS but neither one deserve Contendership both coming off bad loses. JDS was dominated by Cain so was Silva. Cain VS Silva 2 is a stupid fight

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