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UFC 217 Primer: Cody Garbrandt Will Be Ready

UFC 217 Primer: Cody Garbrandt Will Be Ready

We haven’t gotten to see much of Cody Garbrandt since he defeated Dominick Cruz and took the belt. I mean, sure, he coached a season of TUF opposite UFC 217 opponent TJ Dillashaw, but I’m talking about in the cage. So of course there are questions, like…

…Will the nearly a year away affect his ability to perform the same magic he used against Cruz?

…Will the back injury that forced him on the sidelines for a bit impede his ability to dance after dodging punches?

…Has he learned any knew dance moves?

As a fan of anyone who fight’s like they’re in the Matrix, I’m eager to see the bantamweight champ in action on Saturday. And according to the video below, he’ll be ready.

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