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Five Things We Learned From TUF 17, Episode Five

In this week’s installment of The Ultimate Fighter, Chael visited the TUF House for some semi-naked charades, there was the token celebrity UFC Gym appearance, and, oh yes, there was a rather exciting fight, with a somewhat surprising outcome. Here’s five things we learned…


#1 Chael and Jon are becoming BFFs

At the beginning of this episode, Chael Sonnen cornered Jon Jones to have a friendly discussion about some of the fighters, as well as exchange general chatter. While Jones ascertained outside of the conversation that Sonnen is being nice to him, it seems to be confusing him. Is this the ultimate troll job from Sonnen? Or is Sonnen just more wary of his upcoming opponent than he was against, say, Anderson Silva? Time will tell and it will be interesting to see how their relationship changes at their fight looms ever closer.


#2 A somber reminder for us viewers…

Yes, we watch this show to see grown men fight each other for prize money and to earn a UFC contract, but let’s take a moment to think of those not so fortunate souls that fail to make it past the first few rounds. Kelvin Gastellum’s (very familiar) story of coming from relative poverty and how that’s what’s waiting for him if he fails reminds us that these men fight for their futures and families, and not for ratings. Okay, that’s enough of that.


#3 Chael Sonnen delivers yet another stellar team talk

What an analogy that was. Saying how walking on a 2×4 that’s on the ground and walking on one elevated on ladders is the same things only the environment changes – or something like that – almost gave even me goosebumps. Then he did his “whatcha gonna do/team of steel” promo to ruin everything. Still, it’s nice to see ‘Chael the Wordsmith’ back sometimes, as opposed to the one that’s being all sensible and friendly. Who needs that?!


#4 Mickey Rourke visited Team Sonnen…

…for some reason. So Sonnen invited movie star and former pro-boxer Mickey Rourke to the gym to talk to his fighters in a hope to instill some new inspiration and vigor as they look to extend their lead over Team Jones. While Rourke’s talk actually seemed rather telling (from the snippet we were afforded), it seemed to be a ‘just for the sake of it’ appearance from Rourke, who wasn’t a successful boxer by any stretch, when they might have gotten someone that could more relate to the fighters. Maybe I’m being unfair. I love Rourke. *downloads The Wrestler and Sin City*


#5 So onto the fight itself…

Bubba McDaniel versus Gastellum was one where the latter was given not much of a chance going into the fight as the youngest TUF contestant ever at 22-years old. This in itself should have been enough to suggest that an upset was in the cards. While the first round of the fight suggested McDaniel’s experience advantage would take its toll on Gastellum, it was not to be, as Gastellum came out of the traps in the second round and swarmed McDaniel before latching onto a rear naked choke. It was a massive victory once again for Team Sonnen, who now goes 3-1 against Team Jones. Back to the drawing board for “Bones” and company.


The Ultimate Fighter: Team Jones vs. Team Sonnen episode four airs next Tuesday at 9pm on FX (as well as 2am Wednesday morning on ESPN UK for those in the UK and Ireland) as Team Sonnen’s Tor Treong takes on Team Jones’ Josh Samman.

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