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The Real Jon Jones: Part 1 (Video)

Everyone knows Jon Jones as the current UFC light heavyweight champion as well as the youngest UFC champion in history. But in this in depth three-part documentary, you’ll get to see Jones not only as a fighter, but who he is outside of the Octagon, as a father, son, brother and friend. Jon will also take us through the grueling journey to becoming the fighter he is today. Make sure to check back for parts two and three.


Source: Heavy MMA

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  • Yuriy BOYKA says:

    bla bla bla the most dangerous of the world bla bla bla , u people of north america say that because he is north american , but he isnt the best of the sport , he isnt the most dangerous , what the fuck are you saying north americans , put the foots on the earth mother fuckers , the most dangerous of the world is ever the heavy weight champion, when jones comes to the hw division we can talk about the most dangerous and the most complete fighter of the world.

    • joe weinerballs says:

      uare fat its ok chubby nuts

    • teksin07 says:

      I’m going to refrain from digging into you the way i really want to given that comment you had the audacity to leave. the phrase is called, “Pound for Pound.” this phrase is implied if it is not said while mentioning the best in the world. its common knowledge that when people mention “the Best” in a combat sport they’re talking in regards to “per pound.” Secondly, i’d like to address your mentioning of “North Americans” Again, common knowledge would tell you we are “Americans.” Not North Americans… why? well, because there is another country up here in the continent of “North America.” you’ve heard of Canada, right? O and i guess you must compete in the HW division given the way you said,”comes” instead of “goes.” In closing, I believe that it is you who should come back down to earth. I can only assume that’s what you meant.

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