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Sonnen: “Anderson I apologize, I resign as no. 1 contender”

Chael Sonnen gives a heartfelt apology to champ Anderson Silva for all his past comments in the media which aired during last nights episode of UFC Tonight. Even more shocking was Sonnen resigning as the number one middleweight contender and stepping down.

I’ve taken the time to write Anderson Silva a letter. ‘UFC Tonight’ has afforded me a few moments to share it with him. I wrote this myself…”

(melodic music playing in the background)

Anderson, over the last several months, I’ve disparaged your name in an attempt to garner respect and attention for my own. That was wrong and I apologize. My actions were unsportsmanlike, they were uncalled for. Though they weren’t mean-spirited, I do regret them. As you know, I’ve recently become the number one contender, which is a position that respectfully and immediately I am resigning from. I wish no further confrontation with you in the Octagon or through the media. In short, I surrender.

Chael P. Sonnen

P.S. I changed my mind. Anderson, you can kiss my ass.

(Sonnen laughs)

Include the obnoxious laugh

You can’t be too surprised that Sonnen would pull such as prank as he continues to poke at the Spider. The two will still have their rematch in Sao Paulo Brazil at UFC 147 in July.

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  • matt says:

    man i cant wait to c this disrespectful punk left unresponsive on the fuckin ground! i hope he rolls away from this fight in a fuckin wheel chair. such a punk! obviously from the start that was bs but what a fuckin homo. cant wait to c him lose again! im sure this time they will b watching the cheat a lot closer.

  • bruts fans says:

    yupp classic chael, cant wait for chael ( who’s never done peds ) to beat anderson, if he almost did it last time he will no doubt do it this time, i dont care what the spider thinks, anderson wont be able to stop the takedowns!!! GO CHAEL

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