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Silva vs. Sonnen II: Primetime teaser (Video)

In just over a week, the UFC rematch we’ve all been waiting for will finally happen. UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva will be once again defending his title belt against his biggest rival to date, Chael Sonnen.

This Saturday, on the UFC 148 Primetime, we’ll get an in depth look at how both of these fighters live, inside and outside of the cage. This is definitely something you won’t want to miss, as both Silva and Sonnen are two of the most entertaining UFC fighters of all time. Check out the preview of this weekend’s UFC 148 primetime.


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  • This may turn out to be the war of the century!

  • Raj Singh says:

    Can’t wait. Finally a good card to sit down and enjoy.

  • boston says:

    I cant stand Anderson..loved seeing him get beat up…i think this fight is gonna be exactly the same except Chael isnt gonna get caught again….You can never count Silva out of any fight..if you want to see why Silva didnt get knocked out last time watch his training video on You tube “why anderson silva cant be knocked out” and watch Ryan Bader unload on Anderson with everything..and anderson has his hands head gear…Chael said he will submit him this time if he gets the chance..he said he had four of five opportunities last time..said anderson felt weak and he could have easily choked him out in the second when he had his back but felt how weak he was and decided to pound on him for five rounds…as i said i cant stand Silva and i agree with Chael. he has been lucky in the cage..the only guy to pursue him and push him beat his ass for the better half of five rounds…Chael wins this one and gets that guy out of the division..he should be in the 205lb bracket if you ask me..let him fight John Jones after this thats what i say…bye anderson you have been a pain in the ass..

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