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Silva says “perfect fight” would be loss to Weidman (pre-fight Video)

“Chris Weidman train hard for this fight. I train hard, but Chris is the best”, said Anderson Silva. Wait, what? Prior to the shocking dethroning we witnessed Saturday, Anderson Silva predicts a “perfect fight” in which the crowd is cheering for “the best” Chris Weidman. Most likely a comment on his desire to finally release the weight from carrying the title. Now of course this fuels team tin-foil, aka fixed fight crew, but I’m not convinced. Self fulfilling prophecies are my cup of tea — you ask for something, you may just get it. I think Silva may have wanted to pass on the belt, but forgot the pain that comes with defeat.

This continues to clarify the demeanor that Silva has been showing, leading into the fight. He respects Weidman more than the fans imagine. “The Spider” has no desire for a rematch, yet he must fulfill 10 more fights in the octagon, per his contract. Some are quick to dismiss Silva’s legend, but our memories are not that short over here, as I’d still tout him as the G.O.A.T. of at least our generation. Hopefully we just don’t see a decline like we did with other favorites like Chuck Liddell, BJ Penn, Fedor Emelianenko etc…

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