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Shogun says Hendo fight was a draw, calls for rematch

Mauricio ‘Shogun’ Rua shares the same sentiment as UFC president Dana White did at the post fight press conference regarding his all out five round war this past Saturday.

“It certainly was a great fight. I do not know how the judges made the final round of counting, could or should have been 10-8 to me said Rua. But that takes nothing away from Dan Henderson. He is a legend and one of those fighters who have created a legacy. But I want revenge, I think it would be another great battle and the public wants to see “, said Shogun after the defeat.


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  • Lazy writing says:

    Under the picture you use the word “sediment”.  I am not going to make it too easy for you, I will leave the definitions as your homework, I think you mean sentiment.

  • qt3dot14 says:

    you lost that fight rua.  but it was close and a great one.  im taking nothing away from you at all!  but doesnt henderson want a piece of jon jones?  if so, they need to schedule this one before hendo is too old.

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