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Rousey to Cyborg: Your’re a cheater and a dick

Yet another Twitter battle amoung MMA stars. This time it’s between the ladies. Ronda Rousey, shoots back at ex Strikeforce Woman’s Featherweight Champion, Cris Cyborg, for a picture of a busted Gino Carano after Cyborg and her fought. Rousey calls Cyborg a cheater and a dick. Check out the tweets below;

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  • Don says:

    ah tis too true, talk is cheap
    I hope RR wipes up on Tate to take the belt
    then Kaufman for defense #1 within 90 days
    then works Yamanaka into the scene for defense #2 another 90 day break
    then goes goes ahead and whips the next two in line for the belt,
     90 days for defense #3 perhaps Coenen
    then 90 days for defense #4 I don’t know maybe Nakia/Dandois/Bazler/Dudieva/Nunes/davis or such
    and clean up 135
    while Santos chills for most of the year
    then has to cut to 135,
    then test clean
    and still win at least one ideally over Tate
    and maybe squeeze Kaufman in there too just for grins and giggles
    before they meet for a belt or two

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