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A Rose By Any Other Name Is Still a Rose

A Rose By Any Other Name Is Still a Rose

She was pretty much the lone standout for the current season of TUF, and now that she’s scrapped her way into the finals and is poised to become the first-ever UFC 115-pound female champ, Rose Namajunas could become the sport’s next big star.

But you know what? She’s always been cool – and pretty badass – so really, the rest of the world is only now seeing what most of us ardent MMA fans (and especially fans of women’s MMA) have known for a while. So let’s celebrate Her Royal Thugness with some videos, shall we?

Here’s Rose being an interesting psychopath:

Here’s an amateur fight of hers from back in the day:

Rose was a top prospect in Invicta FC before the UFC scooped her up. Here’s why:

And in case you failed to tune in to TUF 20 and missed out out seeing Rose’s handiwork, here it is in a nutshell:

So tell me, who are you rooting for at the TUF Finale on Friday night?

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