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Rashad: UFC offered me Glover in Brazil, it was too short of notice

It was Sept. 10 when the UFC discovered that Quinton “Rampage” Jackson made the decision to pull out of his bout with Glover Teixeira at UFC 153 in Brazil on Oct. 13. It has now come out that fellow former champ Rashad Evans was requested to step in for Jackson with one months notice. According to the long running UFC Tonight guest analyst, it was simply not enough time to prepare for the fight.

@RashadEvans: “I will fight anybody with the proper notice.. But after 8yrs with the UFC & being one of their top earners. Y would I take a bad fight?! Bad fight meaning not being in shape. Losing is hard enough but I will never serve myself up! If I’m haven’t been training I won’t fight!

I know alot of u fans may not realize but I don’t walk around ready 2 fight. No one does. In this sport it takes at least 8wks 2 b ready! Fighting another person is much harder than most ppl think & if im not training it takes time 2 get ready. There r no easy fights!”

In the aftermath it was Fabio Maldonado who stepped in to save the co-headline of the event.  During the post-fight show on UFC Tonight, Evans once again reminded the fans that he simply was not ready for the proposed bout, but will be looking to make his return to the octagon in Dec. or Jan. at light heavyweight, despite talks of cutting down to middleweight.

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  • Akordas says:

    Hey Dana call to Chael.

  • Bob says:

    You should always be training. Fuck you, Rashad

  • Dave says:

    What the Hell is wrong with these fighters ?? They train every day to be in top shape so how can you be caught “On short Notice” ?? Two days is short notice….But a MONTH??? At your level, if you can’t be ready for a fight in 4 weeks, it’s time for an announcer job. But, just like in any sport, there’s always some hungry fighter to take their place.

  • Bart says:

    You guys apparently have never fought or been around fighters of a high caliber. Many of the fighters in top organizations are not walking around at 170, 185, 205, etc. They are usually at least 15-20 lbs over their fighting weight (some cases 40+) and it takes time and proper methods to cut the weight in a method that allows for top physical performance while not leaving you devoid of energy. You have probably heard Joe Rogan talk about the adrenaline dump after in the 1st round. Glover is a dangerous fighter and is a tough match with a full camp let alone 4 weeks. Stick to working the drive thru and let the fighters fight.

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