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Rampage admits he’s on Testosterone Replacement, feels rejuvenated

Add former UFC light heavyweight champion Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson to the growing list of UFC fighters on testosterone replacement therapy (TRT). Quinton admits in a recent interview with Fighters Only that he was recently found to have low testosterone in his older age (33) by a doctor  and was recommended to start TRT. The therapy had taken place prior to his last bout against Ryan Bader and was said to have helped the recovery of a cited knee injury drastically.

I almost pulled out but then I went to see the doctor and he told me to talk to an age-management doctor. So I went and talked to them and they tested me and said my testosterone was low; they prescribed me testosterone, to bring my testosterone levels back up to levels where I can be like… so that I am the same as young people, like when I was 25, and it would help build my knee up. I hurt my knee like a month ago and I only did three shots of testosterone but it put a lot of weight on me, a lot of muscle on me but it healed me knee up good enough to where I could fight.”

Rampage went on to say that the therapy worked so well that it is the reason for his new drive to continue in mixed martial arts.

I gave myself small doses and that shit immediately changed me, that’s why I am saying now I am not going to retire. I am not gonna retire no time soon, its just unfortunate that I got this injury. I started hitting it up pretty good, I still gotta take care of my knee but I feel like a 25 year old again. My sex life changed, I was back to five times a night like when I was 25, straight up.

“So I spoke to the UFC and they were like ‘yeah, a lot of fighters are probably doing it but not telling anyone.’ Me, I keep it real, I am not doing anything wrong. Its legal and I am not abusing it and I am not going over certain levels. From what I learned about it, when I got tested my levels my levels were really low and the doctor was telling me that athletes can burn testosterone.”




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