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Rampage: ‘Dana says I can leave UFC after my next fight’

Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson feels under-appreciated and under-paid in the UFC and has threatened to go to another mixed martial arts or boxing organization (likely in Japan) should he continue to fight.

UFC Boss Dana White has seemingly had enough of Jackson’s twitter trash talk and has been quoted by Jackson to be letting the former champ go after his next fight, which is the last of his contract. Here is the long list of Rampage’s Twitter rants below.

Quinton Jackson ‏ @Rampage4real
I will fight who ever they put n front of me,I always have,but it will b my last fight n the ufc, I have other things on my mind

your leaving the UFC?

Quinton Jackson ‏ @Rampage4real
Y should I stay? I don’t need them or anybody else negative dealing with my career

Will you still do MMA, or is this your last MMA fight period?

Quinton Jackson ‏ @Rampage4real
Guys learn how 2 read! MMA ok UFC no ok after

Quinton Jackson ‏ @Rampage4real
Sorry guys just been going threw a lot n I was trying 2 stay positive last night,n it worked,so I’m just gonna start over! U helped me!

Quinton Jackson ‏ @Rampage4real
I know 1 place I’m not going back 2! I’m going 2 b with my wife n kids n sin no more! Just ask 4 forgiveness! #new I’d win this 1!

Quinton Jackson ‏ @Rampage4real
I need help with positive energy once again,u can tell things aint right,u helped me last night! I love u all,wish I could say what’s up

Quinton Jackson ‏ @Rampage4real
Thanks guys,I’m doing a lot better,I wasn’t sleeping n eating much n it took its toll on me,I’m staying positive,n I got a massage coming4ya

at the end of the day your legacy is what you want it to be. You’ve done too much for the sport of MMA to be treated like this

Quinton Jackson @Rampage4real
n this is y I don’t wanna fight 4 them anymore,Pride did the same 2 me!

you can’t leave the UFC, you are a legend in this sport!!! would be sad to see you leave.

Quinton Jackson @Rampage4real
y u care that its the ufc? I can fight better fights n a diff show!

If you are done with ufc so am I bro hoooowwwllll

Quinton Jackson @Rampage4real
I’m still gonna fight tho, but 4 someone who appreciate me bro, so don’t trip

where can we get your tracks?

Quinton Jackson @Rampage4real
I’m about 2 do a deal n Japan,so after that ill let my best songs go

you rhyme or something? Never knew that.

Quinton Jackson @Rampage4real
I been doing it 4 a hobby 4 about 7 years,n now I’m getting good,so I’m gonna put some stuff out one day

Im confused @Rampage4real? Regularly makes 6 figures…what’s all the talk about pay…I work 60 a week, don’t make 6fig in a year

Quinton Jackson @Rampage4real
do u put you life on the line so people can talk shit about u? No! So shut the f— up!

Quinton Jackson ‏ @Rampage4real
Let me clear things up 4 my fans,it might take 2 tweets! I’m upset cause I’ve been fighting hurt 4 a few years now, cause I have kids n 4 yall 

Quinton Jackson ‏ @Rampage4real
The @ufc knew I was hurt, n almost everyfight I was hurt n, but instead of saying thanks 4 not pulling out, they talk s— about a poor job….

Quinton Jackson ‏ @Rampage4real
I never missed weight, but when I do, nobody stop 4 a second 2 ask if I was hurt, yall just quick 2 talk shit, so I’m done with them after

Quinton Jackson ‏ @Rampage4real
I’m not complaining about money, cause I’m about 2 make a lot less money now, but at least the people I fight 4 will appreciate what I do4mma

nobody asked if u were hurt cuz you already made it known that you wasn’t excited for the bader fight…

Quinton Jackson ‏ @Rampage4real
I’ve never said that I wasn’t excited,I was happy 2 fight n Japan, so shut the f— up! I never said s— I took it happy! 

is the Japan card the one u asked to be in while getting ure eye stitched back up hardcore man

Quinton Jackson ‏ @Rampage4real
yep, Dana said yes, but then he tried 2 put me on a Fox card n Jan. I was thinking of leaving after that happened

Where will you look to go after the UFC? Any idea yet or just waiting to see what happens?

Quinton Jackson ‏ @Rampage4real
I got a bunch of stuff I wanna try, I been turning down a lot of movies, ill just heal up real good, then find a show

so are defo never fighting on ufc again because you will be missed

Quinton Jackson @Rampage4real
I have 1 more fight on my contract n @danawhite said n a text (that I’ve saved) hahaha that I can go after my last fight

‏ @LynchOliver
you should prove all the doubters wrong and keep competing in the biggest organisation @UFC won’t be the same without you

Quinton Jackson @Rampage4real
y? So I can keep being under promoted n giving leg humpers who just wants 2 take me down all the time instead of havin a show?


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