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Overeem breaks silence, confident he will fight JDS

The controversial top heavyweight contender, Alistair Overeem has broken his silence. Speaking with Spike TV’s ‘MMA Uncensored Live,’ The Reem refused to speak directly on the topic of his recent positive testing for elevated levels of testosterone, yet was very adamant that he will in fact compete and defeat current heavyweight champion Junior dos Santos on May 26.

“I am bigger, I am stronger, I am better in the stand-up and I’m better on the ground. So for me, I don’t think about what he is going to do to me. I think about what I am going to do to him and I am only thinking about what I am going to do to him. I am going to be ready wherever the fight takes me. I do prefer to strike, I do prefer a knockout over a submission win but I’m going to be ready for anything.”

Confidence in his abilities may be an understatement, as the K-1 Grand Prix winner continued to boast on his plans for the UFC 146 featured fight in question.

“You know I’m strong, I’m fast, I feel good. I’m going to get this guy, I’m going to beat him. Nothing scares me about Junior dos Santos. Everything he’s doing, I’ve seen it before. I’m not worried about it, I’ve experienced it all. There’s no fear, there’s only two things – trained and untrained and when I step into the octagon on May 26 I’m going to be trained. “

Though Overeem may sound audaciously confident , the former Strikeforce champ has not been verified to be in or out of the fight. The UFC has interestingly filed a fight license for ‘The Reem,’ as well, but the final decision as UFC president Dana White has put it, ‘will be in the Nevada Athletic Commissions hands‘.

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  • If he can prove his crazy story then I have no problem with the fight continuing, but if it was bullshit I lose every bit of respect for him as a fighter and a human being

    • john Smith says:

      If it’s true that despite his positive test, the UFC have still applied for a license, then the UFC is a F**king disgrace. If you use any thing illegal for a competitive edge then you should be banned, and by applying for a license, the UFC make the statement that using banned substances is ok……

  • Hel pass sample B then get the fight

    • Benjitsu says:

      Nope, he hasn’t used it yet because he knows it smells like “horse” piss. They will declare the test non valid, and test him AFTER the fight. Also, I bet you won’t ever see this kind of “surprise” testing ever again, or someone will end up on the bottom of a river somewhere.ALWAYS after the fight, you idiots!

  • Tony says:

    What a pompous idiot. The guy talks like he hasn’t lost before, when in fact he has 10 losses. Of course, most of those losses were pre-juice. Go to Yahoo image search and search “Overeem steroids” and you will find a timeline of pictures of Overoid as he juiced more and more. He should be fighting Josh Barnett for the Steroid, I mean, Strikeforce GP title.

  • if he fights jds we gotta be mad at dana not overoid, i cant stay his steriod filled ass but hes really not to to blame if this fight happens

  • i hope he can so JDS can put him in his place ;p

  • I will be pissed if Dana lets him fight still. Give Mir the chance at JDS he deserves it more

  • im getting tired of the silence. either he IS or ISN’T fighting… ugh.. just bring on mark hunt already.

  • Im pretty sure sample B is gonna come back with the same results just give this title shot to Mark Hunt!!

  • i thought he grew bigger from power lifting and eating not steroids wtf

    • Lonniebatt says:

      Man its like this I used to lift alot and I was alot bigger at times and not so at other times and everytime I busted my ass and gained size everyone would say, ” oh man The Batt is on the Juice look at him how big he is and you know what they said this all the time because they were jealous because they didnt have what it took to bust their asses and get the the results that I was getting FROM HARD WORK!!!!

  • Lmao he thinks he can outstrike JDS!! Haha the roids must have taken is mind

  • @ Cristina what story??He has not said anything..not on the topic of the positive test..

  • jer says:

    Of course he’s confident he thinks his roid rage will help him win. Lol I love how he says he’s better on the ground an yet look who JDS is trained by I’m sure that gives JDS the edge on the ground. Overoid is only bigger and stronger due to his roids his conditioning is shit

  • 146 isn’t nearly as interesting without him. Hope the fight takes place.

  • Ric Havoc says:

    Better stand up wow!!!…he must b getting high 2!

  • Mir you would get K.O in the first round… by JDS or REEM!!

  • these TRT exemptions are becoming too tricky and why the hell are so many of these guys on it anyway? everyone has a testi problem?

  • Reem is gonna lose to someone either way, JDS or NSAC. I could put my WORD on that

  • Are you kidding me mark hunt I wouldn’t even watch it if he was fighting jds

  • How about Mir vs. Hunt to see who gets the title shot?

  • Gotta go with Rami he hit it perfectly either they fight or give hunt a run Cain vs Mir No1 contender & co-main event CAN I HEAR A HELL YEA????

  • Lmao!!! Was just reading comments from this string and the string related with Bas Ruuttens twitter.First off,someone wrote “It would be a shame if he won (Overeem) we would have a champ on roids..LOL,ummm Why do u think Brock Lesnar said nothing during the whole drug test issue before ufc 141? Because he won the belt on Juice,defended it on juice against Mir at ufc 100 who added 25 lbs of mass in 2 months but Overeem adds that in 3 years and he is the bad guy!! And as for Rutten,as much as i had been a fan,he flip flopped as soon as his vested interest he has with Golden Glory and Overeem ended.Cracks me up all the comments putting down Overeem,and im sure 90% of them never trained are out of shape and havent a clue that actually what Overeem did do was not against the law or against NSAC policy..You can now buy Testosterone boosters at Walmart!! AND he can use it 20 days before the fight as long as he discloses it..Which about 90% of them do!!! So before you go looking stupid,get in the know first!!!

  • Cain unfortunately hasn’t fought since his vicious ko by JdS so we can’t made an augment 4 a rematch with JdS but Cain will kill Mir easy

  • Let reem fight so he can smash that paper champ jds

  • If UFC really want to be the biggest sport then they wouldn’t let him fight.

  • Adam Snapp says:

    Suck tho now for Overeem if he wins… Every one is just going to bring the failed test up.. Bullshit.

  • Fact is there is no way he could be at a 14:1 ratio naturally and he pulled that stunt before the fight with Lesnar so that he had enough time to cycle off. It’s pretty obvious what he is doing and the rules are the rules. He got busted so he should not be licensed for at least a year.

  • couturian says:

    The optics of this situation are and will remain awful until at least the NSAC hearing on 24 April. If Overeem fights for the title at 146 both the SAC and the UFC will appear powerless to police MMA fighters.
    If Overeem doesn’t fight at 146, the PPV product is damaged and Dana White’s credibility to deliver on promotional promises comes into question.
    Honestly NO single fighter is worth all this grief and static…

  • A_Lone_Wolf says:

    All you fucking morons are completely retarded.

    Sonnen got offerred a TUF coaching job after he tried to win a title by cheating. Now he gets to REMATCH Anderson!!
    All you naive retards should just stop watching ufc or mma in general. Most of them are on PEDs.

  • 7MrG7 says:

    If the Nevada commission allows it, let it be, it’s the best matchup in the heavyweight division. I personally am not interested in buying PPV for a main event of Mir or Cain vs JDS.

  • Bryan Duvall says:

    Did you idiots really think Overeem did not take ped’s prior to this? wahahahaha. No wonder people send emails asking for account numbers because a long lost african relative has millions of dollars to send!!!!!! hahahahahahahaha I can not believe so many peoples butts hurt over the most obvious steroid user in mma.

  • Amir_Technicality says:

    Overeem belongs in the WWE. They don’t do drug testing.

  • Nightmareman says:

    What are we talking about here. Overoid makes big money by cheating. He cheats his opponents, the fans and gets payed for it. He got caught when using PED. A fight against a guy who cheats is not especially interesting. Well i guess we do not want to see a fake fight but a fair one. I am not interested in seeing a competition of Bayer against Pfizer. And with regard to the complete imbecile babble that the fighters have to be tested after the fight and not before????? That means a freeride for cheaters to build up an enormous physique/ advantage with a much longer halflife than the actual drug in the body. Where is the logic in that ?
    If they do not kick Overeem and punish him badly for what he has done this whole “sport” is just a joke and not worse neither looking or competing in.

  • maryann says:

    I don’t think I have missed a pay-per-view in the last 4 or 5 years. I am a senior citizen that loves MMA and boxing. I don’t want to purchase any more pay-per-vieiws when the fighters flunk their after fight or before fight drug test. Let’s get it back together Dana!!

  • Wayne says:

    Overeem has the typical roid look….huge physique with a puff bag face. He’s pounded steriods like a mofo, and Dana’s an idiot for even considering letting him fight. If Dana wants true legitimency for the sport, then he’ll cut Overeem and not look back. Same goes for Josh Barnett.
    Roids or not JDS will knock out the weak chinned Overeem with in 2 rounds.

  • JDS_RULES says:

    I hope it happens, we got great seats inside MGM arena here in Las Vegas,NV. If not Reem the Mark Hunt.

  • doomrider7 says:

    I find it sad as fuck that people are condoning this bullshit. No wonder MMA STILL hasn’t shake the “Just Bleed” stereotype. It’s even sadder that people justify this with a cop out “Oh, but like 90% of the guys are on it” just to wash away the shame and disillusionment of it this gaffe. Do we know haw many guys are really on roids? No. Is simply being muscular a way of knowing? Again, no. Reem went from being a lanky LHW to something out of a fucking comic book. After all the years saying he was clean he has no excuse whatsoever for those test results and if you’re REALLY surprised or still question that he was on steroids then HUGE LOL to you.

  • doomrider7 says:

    I find it sad as fuck that people are condoning this bullshit. No wonder MMA STILL hasn’t shake the “Just Bleed” stereotype. It’s even sadder that people justify this with a cop out “Oh, but like 90% of the guys are on it” just to wash away the shame and disillusionment of it this gaffe. Do we know haw many guys are really on roids? No. Is simply being muscular a way of knowing? Again, no. Reem went from being a lanky LHW to something out of a fucking comic book. After all the years saying he was clean he has no excuse whatsoever for those test results and if you’re REALLY surprised or still question that he was on steroids then HUGE LOL to you. It’ll be a HUGE fucking embarrassment in terms of the sport being taken serious by the main stream if they allow Reem to compete after this.

  • R3Production says:

    I can’t understant the whole thing in sports about using drugs. Why not if you perform better. We have never accused famous rock stars being better over others by using drugs. Some play music better on dope, why not with fighters. And it is not ever being proved to be a advantage ,being stronger is not always the key point in winning,passion and dedication and technics are the better ods. Still i don’t believe Alistair using. It took him years to reach this size of a body. Did anyone look at what he is training with…..If Overeem can’t fight this match please put another Dutch figther in..Peter Aerts,Sem Schilt, Remy Bonjaski,Badr Hari,Errol Zimmerman,Gokhan Saki,,, the first 4 dutch fighters won 15 titels in the K1,, yes there not MMA but K1and that is declaired dead. But sure they will win any of the UFC’s by Kick and Strike. Like Badr Hari always said Fighting you do standing up not cudling each other on the ground….A true shame Badr did mess up by his lack of anger control. But he was the best striker and Kicker in the world, even Knocked out Alistair. I hope he ever comes back….
    But i hope the fight goes and Alistair will win..Maybe.i will see you in Vegas i am there in may, but couldn’t stay for the fight…
    R3 Bonaire

  • rburns says:

    I don’t care whether he used or didn’t use. I want to see jds and overeem foght.

  • craig williams says:

    just as long as overeem has no steroids in his system and is 100% not on any enhancing drugs at all, then make it happen JDS is a top fighter, but overeem is a machine & ive been lookin forward 2 the fight so lets get it on!!! but if overeem is on the juice, BAN HIM FROM MMA for good

  • Ash says:

    Nonchalant fool, he should be banned.

  • Iz says:

    How do you know he is a cheater? Douchebag. 

  • jozseffrd says:

    OK Have to go by this legally!Because the Nevada State Athletic Commission(NSAC) ordered the test there’s some legal issues!Overeem did not have a license to fight in Nevada,so the NSAC cannot suspend him legaly.If the UFC ordered the test there would be no problem they could suspend him.Now 3 things can happen.1.the NSAC refuse to grant him a license,2.The NSAC grant him a licence.3 the UFC steps in and makes a decision.I dunno what his contract is with the UFC .I mean Overeem can very well have a doctor’s prescription like Hendo and Rampage had.Unfortunately we the fans do not have all the information about this case.It’s lawyers time now,so who the hell knows.By the way I love Mark Hunt just like all the ppl here but coz he beat Tuschscherer,Rothwell and Kongo he does NOT deserves a UFC Title especially he had 6 straight losses I mean he was beaten by Sean McCorkle at UFC 119.What the UFC have to do is wait for the winner of Barnette vs Cormiere and let the winner fight JDS

  • I was so looking forward to this fight but if it does happen and overeem wins , I’ll feel it is an untrue result.
    I liked overeem before but if the fight happens JDS will have to be superman to win.

  • Danny Castillo says:

    Don’t know why everyone’s saying reems cheating. He’s not that big…

  • ali says:

    What are Coach’s and managers for? being a good coach or manager you should keep your fighter in check and know what he’s up to at all times in and out of the gage, if you all want to stay at the top. a fighter a pro fighter is more than just one person? yes/no?

  • fedor says:

    Roids or no roids…Overeem was gonna go nite nite no doubt.
    To put thigs in perspective…Overeem is a big tall black guy great genetic
    That took him several years to get the body he has now. And being fairly young
    The odds r in his favor to gain muscles easily with hard far as roids go. He wasnt even that dominant with it if he was using it.

  • Danny says:

    ….like it or not Overeem’s image is forever tainted!! Its best he’s allowed to serve out whatever penalty there is for his unusually high levels of testosterone( evidence of some form of steroid use ), that way the sport will be sending a message to the world that MMA like other sports (athletics, football, basketball etc) does not condone performance enhancers, granted that the UFC somehow lobbies for the fight to still take place to save its face, to me win or loose JDS will still be the hero….

  • goose says:

    everyone deserves to be pissed at overeem for coming up dirty! does everyone make mistakes of course were only human.. if overeem has some good excuse for using trt and actually needs to use it i’m fine with overeem fighting jds, but if it’s for a competitive edge than overeem should be penalized for using ped’s.. i hope as a huge overeem fan from watching his fights in pride, strikeforce, and k-1 that overeem is not using for a competitive edge, and hope that overeem is just treating some sort of condition that would need him to use trt…

  • What was Overeems story for testing positve?

  • […] silent since news broke of his manly 14:1 testosterone to epitestosterone ratio. But last night he made an appearance on MMA Uncensored Live: “I am bigger, I am stronger, I am better in the stand-up and I’m better on the ground. […]

  • Rayne Ferree says:

    Overall I think that Overeem refuses to comment on the situation because he knows he is guilty. He is likely waiting to hear what his next move should be from his attorney. People really need to just stop and consider exactly what the facts are: he tested positively for a 14: 1 ratio of testosterone to epistosterone. Enough said. There is no way that any person can have levels this high without having used PED’s. Overeem’s excuse for that is that he had been prescribed a medication for the flaring of an old rib injury and one of the ingredients was testosterone. Fighters are responsible for everything that they put in their bodies and I can’t see that as a reasonable excuse. But to me, I would love to see that fucking battle. You have the Muhammad Ali of MMA in JDS and the new age version of Mirko Cro Cop in Overeem and he is roided out! That would be such an insane fight to watch, which in the end, is what fans watch MMA and the UFC for. I know that it is unfair and disrespectful to the sport, but they should save the tests for after the fight to make the night exciting. If a fighter tests positive after and he won, then suspend him and overturn the decision. That way money is made and fans are entertained and things are made fair. The only reason I am saying this is because I was really looking forward to the fight and now it isn’t gonna happen. I know that their need to be punishment to the juicing fighters and what Overeem did is a disgrace to the sport. Overall though, it is in the hands of the Nevada State Athletic Commission’s and they will have the final say to the fate of Overeem’s future in the Nevada Octagon. The UFC will figure out if he will keep his job.

    Also, Ric Havok, you are a dipshit to discount Overeem’s skills as a striker. I know that JDS is an excellent boxer, but to insult Overeem just because you think he is an inferior striker is disrespectful to him and his fans. you should think out what you write before you do so you don’t sound like an ignorant retard.

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