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NSAC suspends Diaz’ license

During a meeting yesterday with the Nevada State Athletic Commission, it was decided that Nick Diaz’ fighting license be temporarily suspended. This all came after trace marijuana¬† metabolites were found in Diaz’ drug test after his UFC 143 fight with Carlos Condit.

Nevada deputy attorney general Christopher Eccles requested the suspension, and it was unanimously approved by the commission until another disciplinary meeting could be scheduled. During this next hearing, Diaz will be able to present his defense, as he we not present at yesterday’s meeting.

Diaz may be facing up to a one year suspension and a financial fine of the $200,000+ salary for his UFC 143 bout.

Las Vegas attorney, Ross Goodman will be defending Diaz at the upcoming hearing.

*Source: MMA Fighting

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  • WOW ARE THEY FUCKING SERIOUS??? because he smoked pot? what a bunch of close minded fuckin retards they have runnin things! JUST WOW!! year suspension and 200,000+ wtf r they thinking? because pot makes u more athletic right? y cant us human beings just enjoy our lifes without people trying to control every little thing we do? like even if he was hittin up the crack i dont think he should get in trouble. these things dont make u better so it shouldnt b punishable. Most governments are fuckin jokes tho so what can ya do?

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