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Mayhem Miller explains backstage incident, verifies retirement

A man of his word – Jason ‘Mayhem’ Miller had vowed to end his career in mixed martial arts, should he lose to C.B. Dollaway, and has now done so. It was a fight that looked to be ‘in the bag’ for ‘Mayhem’ as he stumbled the wrestler twice. ‘The Doberman’ refused to stay down though as he turned to his wrestling to take the unanimous decision. Following the loss, we heard from UFC President, Dana White that Miller was released from the UFC. Not just for his 0-3 record, but for his antics backstage.

Yeah, I said I would [retire] and so I am said Miller. I didn’t get the job done and that’s what I’m saying. I’m done for right now. Who knows what the future holds but at the same time, what’s the point?”

As for the ‘backstage incident’ that White referred to, as you can guess, it involved his ‘git-up’ in which White had been disapproving of. Miller voices discontent over a lack of mutual respect from his former employment.

It was my mask. Burt [Watson] suddenly started yelling about my mask. I had a gas mask for the troops underneath my paper bag, and Burt started telling me right as I’m walking out for the fight. I’m trying to get focused instead of arguing about a paper bag. Maybe it was my fault. I thought we had an understanding once I start walking out to the cage and then now I’m working, but obviously we’re not on a playing field of mutual respect.”

Miller went on to express a weight being lifted as he walks away from the sport. From the sound of it, the satirical entertainer felt smothered, and constantly disrespected by the keepers of the sport.

“I feel free in a weird way. Like in the strangest way, I feel free and I know that sounds strange when I’ve devoted my entire life to fighting, but I feel like my life is unlocked for a whole other set of adventures. I don’t feel the need to super-impress one person in particular, make them happy. I can focus on making myself happy and I don’t have the pressures of a commissioner chasing me around with a piss cup or the pressures of everyone verbally abusing me for my missteps via social media. I feel like a weight is lifted.”

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  • CB sucks. I hate that he pinned Mayhem and did nothing for the whole fight. I know Mayhem didn’t want to elaborate on his knee injury during the interview and offer it as an “excuse” but i believe if he was uninjured he would have finished CB. Its sad to see him go but maybe he will become a commentator. I’d watch just to listed to him.

  • Also regarding the “backstage incident” Dana claimed “some crazy shit went down after the fight”. I knew he was lying. Mayhem said it was the mask incident before the fight and he’d been walking round with mask before the fight for a couple hours, why does it become an issue as he’s walking out to fight when he’s supposed to be getting focused? Douchebag move to mention it right then.

  • As a fighter you do what you have to do to win the fights do you think CB wanted to stand and trade with him after getting rocked. Plus I don’t understand why peoe bitch about wrestling this is Mixed Martial Arts if you wan a stand up war all the time watch kickboxing or boxing or Muay Thai I’m just saying

    • Nick S. says:

      Yes this is MMA… Just laying on top of someone is not a Martial Art, Its called stalling, being scared to finish the fight cuz you know your ass got rocked in the stand up and you have nothing to offer then that and you know the judges are going to look at it as you are on top so you are winning. Even if the guy on top isnt doing hardly shit.

    • dallas says:

      not saying your wrong cause i agree but he didn’t do anything from the top except at the end so it was boring to watch

  • Meredith says:

    Loved the noogie you gave out in the fight tho!

  • I think CB used right tactic for his sake, He got tagged 3-4 times and was very close to get KTFO by Mayhem, I hated the last round and to see mayhem loss was painful but can’t also blame CB, should do what is best for you to win the fight

  • I am just sad to see him go, but life goes on eh

  • Gayem Miller use to be a beast he has let the fame go to his head I wouldn’t be surprised if he went to the WWE

  • Bruce says:

    The problem is the sport, not CB’s fault that the support allows for someone to win a fight doing that. In my opinion someone should actually have to fight to win a fight, not just wrestle them and hold them down. If this were a real fight, it would have never got anywhere because CB just sat there, I believe it should be mixed martial arts and all arts combined or used to effectively win a fight, ultimately, trying to finish someone but when someone cant finish someone and has to resort to wrestling and holding someone down just so they dont get finished, i dont think that should be the winner of a shouldnt even be called a fight, with that said, I think Mayhem is a douchebag for running around with masks on their head and all his crazy antics and giving CB a noogie in the fight…how about you try getting yourself out from under neath him instead of giving noogies and dancing around like a clown that thinks he has this fight in the bag

  • Stabmaster Arson says:

    Mayhem, that is a pretty goofy mask, you should’ve gotten the boot for it being so dang goofay! But in all honesty I don’t think he deserves to get booted for that, he should get booted cause he hasn’t fought very well. CB? Can’t beat that scrub? The old Mayhem would’ve beaten him in his sleep.

    Dudegoaway will be out of the UFC soon enough.

  • Stav says:

    Hey douch fagues miller is lying not Dana you dumb ass.

    It was an incident backstage and he said something to some chic and got into it.

    If Miller would fess up instead of being a pussy lying fuche.

    He the liar why would you believe him anyway?

  • Rocky says:

    Does anyone like the scumbag sack of human feces named Dana White? What an unprofessional individual on top of that..

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