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Matches to make after UFC 148: The Winners

Mike Easton vs. Eddie Wineland

Mike is now 3-0 in the octagon, and that’s something that most fighters at bantamweight cannot say. Obviously, Urijah Faber and Renan Barao will fight later this month for an interim title, but they will most likely defend it before Dominick Cruz is fully healed. The best contenders would be Michael McDonald, who is coming off a huge knockout over Miguel Torres, or Brad Pickett, who will fighting Yves Jabouin soon. This doesn’t leave many options for Easton besides Eddie Wineland. Eddie might have had consecutive losses to Faber and Joseph Benavidez, but he absolutely obliterated Scott Jorgensen. Also, being that Wineland is a former WEC bantamweight champ, this would be a big win for Easton.

Chad Mendes vs. Ricardo Lamas

Mendes certainly showed why he is number two in the UFC featherweight division with his half a minute destruction of Cody McKenzie. In his title match, it was a last second slip up that caused him the fight, and he will need to build his way back toward the title. The division itself is a mess right now with the champion hurt and multiple fighters waiting to see if they will get the first crack at Jose Aldo when he returns. One fighter many thought would be getting that shot, is Hatsu Hioki, but Ricardo Lamas put a stop to that talk. Ricardo has very good wrestling, and has been shown to gain power in his hands just like Chad showed at last nights PPV.

Demian Maia vs. Jon Fitch

Demian Maia’s fight ended after an injury to his opponent, but he still showed promise in the one minute the fight lasted. If Demian wants to get anywhere near the top of the welterweight division, he will need be able to deal with wrestling. The top fighters at 170 are littered with former NCAA champions. Jon Fitch is coming off a shocking loss to Johny Hendricks, and is on the mend due to injuries. If Maia is able to pull off a submission against Fitch like he did against Chael Sonnen, he then could be considered a legit threat.

Cung Le vs. Rich Franklin

Le earned his first win in the octagon on Saturday, and it seems like he may already have his fight next lined up. Dana White really wants Cung on the China card in November, and a match between him and Franklin could draw a huge crowd. They were already set to fight, but an injury to Vitor Belfort pulled Franklin from the card. Franklin is intent on making his way to the title one last time, and while a win over Cung will not do a ton for him, he has always been a company man first. Their styles match up well, and it would be a treat for the Chinese fans if the UFC is able to put it together.

Forrest Griffin vs. Antônio Rogério Nogueira

Although some disagree with the decision of this fight, Forrest Griffin was indeed the winner. Many are calling for a third match against Stephan Bonnar, or for Forrest to take on rising newcomer Glover Teixeira. But, a match with Lil Nog would be a decent fight for a co-main event, and could boost either of their careers as well. Both are coming off wins against Ortiz, so pitting the two against each other is a logical move for who stays relevant in the division.

Anderson Silva vs. Hector Lombard

Yes, I know that Hector Lombard has a match against Tim Boestch coming up, but if he wins his next fight should be against Anderson. Many current UFC middleweights are complaining that Hector doesn’t deserve a shot, because he hasn’t proved himself in the octagon. Who else is on a 24 fight win streak, has finished eight of his last 10 opponents, and has beat the best opposition outside of the UFC? After the rematch with Chael Sonnen, maybe it’s not a wrestler that can beat Anderson, but someone who can blend standup power with damaging ground and pound.

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  • Anderson Silva vs Lombard would be good if he wins his first UFC fight…

  • Joshua Coy says:

    Silva vs john Jones if one drops weight or gains obviousley.

  • Enric Coll says:

    No way Lombard deserves a title shot by wining in his debut. He has a lot to demonstrate before getting there.

  • Tony Casale says:

    I agree except for Lombard vs. Silva. Im sick of them pulling in hype trains just to watch them get raped, Yes 24 fight win streak, yes finished 8 of his last 10. But hes beating up guys that are so low in the food chain they cant hack it in the UFC….now you want to put him against the #1 guy the head of the food chain? Either your joking or retarded. The only 2 notable names on the guys resume is Gono, and Mousasi, the 2 men that beat him other then that hes beating up Defunct ufc fighters and people who cant even say they ever fought in the octagon. But like always no one will listen until Lombard is unconcious in the ring. Give the guy a few fights to get his bearings straight. If he beats Boetch, give him some one who has actually fought for the title, Vitor, Chael, hell Yushin for christ sakes.

  • Tony Casale says:

    Not to mention there are so many guys in this division that have been here a long time and have earned there title shot. Like Munoz, Weidman, Stann, Vitor etc. You know of any star college quarter backs that just walk in to the NFL and get a free ride to the superbowl? I didnt think so. In a sport you earn your shot by beating the best. Not because you have a ton of hype around you in a minor league….I mean that is the UFC’s goal right? To be considered an actual sport?

  • why not give him a title shot his win streak is massive an there’s no 1 else who’s gonna entertain silva let him fight boestch then if he wins give him a title shot

  • Ben Bieker says:

    Did Anderson Silva not get a shot at Rich Franklin after one fight in the UFC?

  • Would’ve been a nice fight.. .;

  • Mark Dodd says:

    There are way too many guys ahead of Lombard right now. The guy hasn’t even beaten a top 15 guy but whatever, give it to him so I can watch him get smacked around and knocked out I could use a good laugh

  • Tony Casale says:

    Your talking about 2 completely different ERA’s, There was no competition for Franklin at the time. AND Silva had actually FOUGHT in the UFC when he dismantled Chris Leben in under a minute. A man who everyone thought was going to be the next contender. And till this day no one has done that to Chris Leben. You guys are handing this guy a title shot before he is even fought, in an era where there are plenty of contenders.

  • Ben Bieker says:

    There are not a ton of contenders to Anderson that can pose a threat to him, and given this is my opinion. Munoz has decent wrestling, but as we saw with Chael, who has the best wrestling, that obviously that is not enough. Not to mention that Munoz has been hurt by punches by Demian Maia, Kendall Grove, and Yushin Okami.
    Vitor already lost to Anderson and what are his matches in the UFC at 185 Akiyama and a bloated Anthony Johnson? Not really the best resume for a rematch. Bisping is coming off a loss to Chael and while it was close it is still a loss, and he has yet to defeat a real top ten opponent. Plus, if Henderson can catch him there is no doubt that Anderson cannot.
    The only real contenders that are out there are Alan Belcher , Weidman, and Lombard. Weidman is still a bit green even though he has taken out Demian Maia and is facing Munoz. They see intent on bisping fighting Stann at 152 so I would want to see Belcher take on the winner of Munoz vs Weidman. To give Anderson another fight before the year is out he should take on the winner of Lombard vs. Boestch. Not saying i am right it is just how I see the division playing out for right now, but injuries, losses, and a multitude of other things affect the divsion. Bottom line as well Dana said if Lombard beat Stann he would have a got a title shot. It is not his fault Stann dropped out and he took a fight that shortened his training camp earlier.

  • personally i dont agree i mean whos boestch in the mw division he should have at least 3 wins againts top 5 guys before getting a shot and if silva is done by then, then so be it, if were honest and we go by who deserves it the most then we have to say bisping, out of all the guys in line for a shot hes been in the ufc the longest, and has had longer win streaks in the ufc than all of them and also in the lhw division and has only ever lost to evans, hendo w,silva and sonen, i dont think he would come close to beating silva but he deserves it

  • Wrong….watch Overeem.He just defeated Lesnar

  • wrong…watch Overeem.He just defeated Lesnar before getting his title shot against Junior Dos Santos.And yeah Lombard is a beast in stand up…i think the only Top 10 ranked 185-fighter who would be dangerous for Silva…

  • Been wanting to see Lombard vs Silva ever since I found out about Lombard!!!!

  • If Lombard gets a title shot with Silva he’ll only turn to shit like everyone else. I’m not a fan of Lombard and I believe Anderson will wipe his ass with him lol 😛

  • Tony Casale says:

    Still wanna give Lombard that title shot retard? Dam i love being right

  • Ben Bieker says:

    Actually, if you read my pre-fight prediction for the Lombard bout against boetsch I picked Tim. Lombard’s asinine talk of giving up a title shot to fight Munoz regardless of if he won showed he was not in the right state of mind. Regardless of skill, Lombard mind was not right for this fight. No fighter should want to fight someone who just got beaten badly, and then say they will go out and win soundly. It makes no sense.

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