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Jon Jones vs. Rashad Evans : By the numbers

In the lead up to the Jon Jones and Rashad Evans showdown, people are comparing them in every way possible. So, let’s take a second to step back and compare them by straight numbers.

Jon Jones’ career stats:

Average fight length: 9:29
Knockdown average per 15 minutes: 0.47
Strikes landed per minute: 3.82
Striking accuracy: 51.9%
Strikes absorbed per minute: 1.42
Striking defense: 66.6%
Takedown average per 15 minutes: 3.32
Takedown accuracy: 63.6%
Takedown defense: 100%
Submission attempts per 15 minutes: 1.1

Rashad Evans’ career stats:

Average fight length: 12:59
Knockdown average per 15 minutes: 0.33
Strikes landed per minute: 2.12
Striking accuracy: 39.5%
Strikes absorbed per minute: 1.89
Striking defense: 67.9
Takedown average per 15 minutes: 3.96
Takedown accuracy: 53.3%
Takedown defense: 65.7%
Submission attempts per 15 minutes: 0

With just looking at the numbers it appears that Jon Jones is a superior fighter. He finishes his fights quicker, gets more knockdowns, lands more strikes per minute, is more accurate with his strikes, and absorbs strikes better due to a superior defense.

Given, Rashad has a better takedown average per 15 minutes, and has taken down every one of his opponents, but Jon Jones has never been taken down. Also, the big hole in Rashad’s game is his submissions, since he has attempted none, while Jon uses them and finishes fights with them.

Take these with a grain of salt though because statistics are only assessments of the opponents fight to date. If you were to compare Randy Couture to his opponents before they fought, they might have always looked like a loser, or if you were to compare Tito to Ryan Bader before they fought, would you have predicted that outcome? Soon we will have the outcome to see if they match up with what these numbers predict.

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