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Jon Jones responds to fans and fighters criticism

Following Dana White’s announcement of UFC 151’s cancellation due to Jon Jones’ unwillingness to fight Chael Sonnen, the internet exploded with a backlash of criticism of the champ. Not only was Jones in hot water with his employers, but with fans, and fighters alike. Charlie Brenneman tweeted “@JonnyBones u can send my check to PO box 198. EH NJ. Rent is due the first,” and the same sentiment can be seen all the way down to commentator Joe Rogan. “People coming to my show at the Mandalay Bay on Friday, Mandalay is cancelling the show as well.

Jones has now responded to the online dismay of his actions.

“Dan Henderson got hurt, and the fight was canceled,” Jones told “I signed a contract a long time ago to fight Dan Henderson. That’s what I studied for, and that’s what I prepared myself for. To take a fight with a different opponent in which I would basically have three days of training before traveling and then starting to cut weight I just thought would be the dumbest idea ever. I wouldn’t have been properly prepared.”

“I definitely apologize to the other fighters on the card,” Jones said. “I feel terrible, but it also wasn’t my decision to cancel the whole card. I don’t make those decisions.

In regards to denying the recent middleweight, Chael Sonnen on late notice, Jones felt that stylistically it was not a good role of the dice for himself.

“Chael is completely different fighter,” Jones said. “This is war. This is strategy. You have to go in there prepared and know that you did your homework. I wouldn’t be the same warrior if I just jumped in there blindly and was cutting weight while I was trying to prepare for the fight.”

“Greg Jackson wasn’t going to show up until Friday. Coach (Mike) Winkeljohn wasn’t going to be there until Wednesday or Thursday. I would have been pretty much on my own trying to prepare for a new opponent. That’s just not the best way to prepare.”

Despite the aftermath, Jones stands behind his decision whole heartily.

“If this was my first fight in the UFC and I really didn’t have a choice and they needed somebody to step in last minute, if it was that type of scenario, then I’d probably more open to it,” Jones said. “But I’m a UFC champion, and I need to perform that way. If I would have taken this fight, that would have been letting my ego get in the way and not using my intellect. This is war, and you have to go in there prepared.”

Jones admits that he is not impervious to the verbal assaults that have been sent his way.

“The criticism does bother me, but I have to stand by my decision. I have to be the man that I am. With such large audiences comes great criticism. There will be a lot of scrutiny, but I’ve got to do what makes me happy and feels right to me. At the end of the day, I have to make the best choice for me and my family.”

“This is a professional sport. It’s not just a backyard fight. You put everything on the line every time you step into the cage, and I now have a new mission. I’m all-in now, and I won’t give anything less than my full effort.”

Apologetic of the affected fans and fighters, yet not for making the decision to turn down the fight.

“I apologize to the people that lost money on tickets and travel and things like that,” Jones said. “I don’t apologize for my decision, but I do apologize for the way it affected people. I hope people can understand I was just trying to do the best thing for my career.”

“Dan Henderson got hurt, and our fight was canceled. As difficult as it is to deal with everything that’s happened, I just didn’t feel like I had enough time to prepare both physically and mentally for a fight with a new opponent. I just didn’t feel I had enough to prepare properly and perform at my best. Whether Chael Sonnen actually deserves a title shot really isn’t my place to say. But if he wants to fight on Sept. 22, then I’m fine with that.”

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  • I have no respect for him now. What a chump!

  • no you wouldnt cause your a stuck up arrogant princess that has the entitlement attitude you prick

  • fight Sonnen or give up the belt!!!

  • Belfort dawg? Really? Quack quack quack

  • this guy is a phony. “go get some fans”

  • Bik Brar says:

    The more time I’ve had to soak this in, the more I’m thinking the UFC threw Jones under the bus to save the embarrassment of another terrible card. One fight should not have that much of an impact on the whole card.

  • I have no respect for him..everyone can apologize after a real champ would have took the fight..he has money he coast UFC, the other fighter and the fans so much money..

  • Mike Heap says:

    The Chump is here! I hope Belfort smashes him to pieces never to be seen again in the UFC.

  • Dee Moe says:

    for the effected people? it wasnt the effected peoples fauly, it was your so no need to apologize for them.. dude is worse than Floyd


  • Dee Moe says:

    shoulda apologized TO the effected people u fool

  • Jay Slade says:

    Are u kidding Bik…when its a main card it has everything to do with it!!

  • Why don’t you take some of that Nike money and repay all that lost money on your selfish decision!

  • Jones Is A Kid And That Is Apparent Now.

  • Austin says:

    So why Belfort instead of Sonnen now? Belfort is moving up from 185 as well, and wasn’t even close to the title in his division. Nice two fight streak, but Sonnen was coming off a loss to Silva after slipping.

    This whole thing has gotten ridiculous.

  • there’s no law against being an asshole, just the court of public opinion.

  • Scott Gumm says:

    i’m a fan and all you whiners are some bitches. jones would fuck each and everyone of you up, you fucking trolls. now the next card is fucking badass and you all are still bitching. dana is the one that cancelled the event. jones declined a fight against someone that doesn’t deserve the fight and choose to fight the next contender in line behind hendo. get with the program you douches.

  • the 205 title fight should be enough for a pay per view card, Shogun fought Jones on short notice, That what a champion prize fighter does. He fights win or lose he puts on the show. Those of you that think it was zuffas fault are right, they were wrong for trusting in Jones. You will see Zuffa stack the 205 and get him out of there. There is so much talent in this world. Bet Glover will be up there as soon as Dana feels like he is ready. If you attack Jones legs with kicks and leg locks and put him on his back you got a good chance to win.if my boss says jump I say how high and for how long, I dont make nearly as much as Jones. I have not liked him since he came out Zuffa made him and Zuffa will break him. Give him TITO !!!! :)

  • Sounds like you’re a victim of over thinking, bik.

    It’s a little late for apologies, Bonehead Jones.

  • Screw him. Saying sorry for being the reason fighters wont make any money next week or saying sorry to the fans who bought tix and or airfare. Screw u man.

  • Bones knows there is zero percent chance Belfort doesn’t get an injury in training.

  • Sorry, but I don’t understand how everyone is pissed at Jones. It sucks, but I get it. It easy to say he should just jump in the cage and fight whoever, but this is his bread and butter too. This is why we have training camps, to get ready fo the person you are fighting. Thats part of the game, you can’t just go in with 4 days notice and hope to be your best. Chael had nothing to lose so no big deal for him. Jones has everything to lose, so why should he put it all on the line to make everyone else happy but maybe destroy his career. Tough decision Jones, but I get it. And how is he like Floyd @Dee, you think if he had 30-45 days notice he would duck this fight? Come on, you know he wouldn’t. Just like any other pro sport. NBA, MLB, NFL, they have scouts that go out watch the team you are playing next so you can have a game plan. That’s what pro’s do. Stop jumping on the I hate Jones band wagon. Just like the GSP band wagon and everyone one else that people hate really just because they are so much better than everyone else.

  • Lol Dana should be the one apologizing for canceling. Bones is in the right

  • Krystal M says:

    Oh man what a chump. Looking out for his ‘career’ instead of the company, fighters and fans that make his career possible. Stand by your decision Jon, it’s too late to do otherwise you spoiled baby. I can’t wait until someone takes your belt and then you are unemployed no one will want to see you fight after that. You’re finished. Still think it was a good career choice? Sometimes you gotta be a man and take one for the team. You’re obviously not one. If I wanted to see divas I’d follow pro wrestling.

  • Justen says:

    Dude had a full training camp. Unprepared, I think not.. I donno about this guy anymore. Great fighter, but a complete weirdo.

  • Valentino says:

    What would you have done krystal? if you were trying to make the best decision for your family as this is your only income, knowing that walking into a fight with a guy who had actually posed the greatest threat to the world greatest fighter without studying footage, coming up with gameplans and training for someone much more aggressive with a constant “push the pace” fight mentality. I wouldn’t take that chance on an eight days notice either, and its not his fault they canceled the event, they could’ve done the same they did when verifier dropped out of the wanderlei fight, they would’ve lost some money, but the show would’ve gone on

  • Dave says:


  • Dave says:


  • brandedcfh420 says:

    “But I’m a UFC champion, and I need to perform that way.”

    THEN PULL YOUR BALLS OUT OF YOUR VAGINA AND TAKE A FIGHT INSTEAD OF COWER LIKE A SCARED LITTLE GIRL….nice attempt of saving face but we all see your face now….COWARD WITH A CHAMPIONSHIP BELT….!!!! why doesnt he just admit that he is scared to fight Sonnen because he knows sonnen would give him a fight he has never had to fight before….typical poser coward who should be fired…..

  • Terence says:

    As much as we want to blame Jon Jones for this, Dana White has to shoulder the majority of the blame! Belator and other fighting organizations have back up plans in place, in case something like this happens.
    UFC is the biggest fighting organization in the world, they should have it the contract or have a replacemeny fighter already agreed upon. Dana White should stop.throwing.his.fighters.under the bus. That being said punk for not taking the.fight!

  • Amaru says:

    All of you are idiots! Most of you don’t even watch the sport (because if you did you would no that no one in his division or below can beat him including The Spider)! Dana is to blame for this, he is a cocky SOB! He was just calling JJ a superhero and no one can beat him because there is no way you can train for him. Now because he found out JJ isn’t going to be his little slave boy he’s going to make his life a living hell! All of you are racist who think badly about JJ decision. Dana knew what he was doing when he canceled the whole event because of one person and he should be fired (wanted to make JJ the villain)! He could of found any one in the UFC to take a fight on 8 days notice but what UFC champ would put up there belt under those conditions… NONE!

  • Bruce Boyington says:

    Pathetic JBJ! First off, if you need to behave like a champion then you should have taken the fight and before I forget, lets keep in mind, Chael or anyone else excepting the fight would be just as unprepared as you, in fact, they would be even less because they havent been in camp all along, so it would still be an even fight, whats the difference if you both get 8 weeks to prepare for each other or 3 days, you both getting the same and its a fair fight, even though the reality is you would be more prepared than anyone who took the fight. As for Winklejon or Jackson, team, adapt and overcome, they can get there sooner if need be, its their job! A fighter is always prepared 24/7, that is what fighters do, if you dont train until you sign a fight, then you probably wouldnt be where you are, you train all the time, your prepared all the time, you were in camp for a title fight unlike Chael or whoever, which means your excuses hold no weight, its just rambling on, ducking the truth or the facts, you would have been more prepared than your opponent and yet they are willing to fight and not you?? Such a joke saying you would need to train and prepare, thats what youve been doing! And your right, you tried to do what was best for your career, perhaps? Thats what everyone is pointing out, its all about you, your selfish, a Champ would have consider the pain caused to many vs to just themselves. I can only speak for myself but I would have rather caused a little pain or sidetrack to myself rather than have such a detrimental affect on so many others, specially those that helped you get where you are today!

  • Bruce Boyington says:

    Bugs me so much everyone says Chael had nothing to lose..of course he does, he has a career too and after two title loses, I can assure you another loss in a title fight isnt good for him but he was still willing to fight one of the considered, best pfp fighters on 8 days notice and save the organization that has helped him. Why Jones didnt is unclear to me? Funny, Shogun took Jones on short notice? And for all of you saying they need a full training camp to prepare for someone, first, if they dont get it, that is the case for both fighters, which means there still on a even leve playing field, both have had the same amount of time to prepare for each other (jones had a full camp) and I want to point out that in the early UFC, they didnt have internet and all these tapes, youtube, etc to study opponents, they had to find out that night who they were fighting, but you didnt see them complaining that they didnt like who they had to fight or didnt have enough time to prepare, they prepared before fightnight and that is what you call FIGHTING!

  • I hope they BOOO the shit out of him at 152

  • Amaru says:

    If Dana really thinks that Chael would even last a round with Jones he would make that fight for the 22nd! JJ said he would fight him if they make the fight for the 22nd and not a rushed throw anybody in the ring with the champ because someone got hurt! Chael is the great white hope now lmao! Dont get me wrong he is funny as hell and is the best shit talker in the sport but come on he’s been defeated so many times in his career! Got lucky and fought Anderson when he was hurt (And he was juiced and still lost lol)!

  • Jones says all this BS like Chael Sonnen was not in the same boat. Except Sonnen has HUGE balls and said Yes. Chael *The American Gangster* Sonnen is a brave Mofo.

  • I agree, as much as people talk about Chael not being good at what he does and JBJ saying he fought like a child or something. What exactly did JBJ need to prepare for? A brawl with a toddler!!

  • Chael is a poor sport I guess all this jones drama had everyone forget his EMBARRASSING fight against silva! How can you disrespect a county, a champion, and a mans family then LOSE cheal said he’d quit the sport if he lost why he’s still in it just shows what kind of a “man” he is

  • Don’t see how chael is a poor sport when he had the balls to take a fight with 8 days notice that he didn’t train for.

    I think the guy who said he’d never turn down a fight…that just turned down a fight and caused the downward spiral of a ufc fight card due to his incredibly selfish reasons is the poor sport.

    Not just chael stepping up, but Chris Weidman too.

  • @Cantrell wrong, Chael said *if Anderson agrees to leave 185 division, then he will leave the UFC.* Anderson would not take him up on the offer. Embarrassing was Anderson on his back the whole first round eating knuckle sandwiches, then holding Chael shorts getting yelled at by the ref and oh yeah pretending he got punched in the back of the head. @Cantrell maybe you should watch the fight live next time instead on watching highlights of ESPN

  • Jones haters are lame. They ate Dana’s scapegoat excuse for cancelling 151 hook line and sinker. Blame Jones all you want, thats exactly what Dana wants you to think. Jones will take some flak for a while but it wont matter after he beats Vitor, Machida again, and moves up to HW. You losers will still call him a pussy then too, because thats what losers do…talk shit….right Sonnen?

  • @Kent im there at the bar the saturdays its on check it out. Why being the undisputed champ do I have to agree to leave you pissed away your fight I think we all saw his piss poor performance clearly he shouldn’t have taken the fight in 8 days tryin to be a hard ass why obviously Chael has a bigger ego then the will to be a champ I know i like to see to fighters go in with as much time as they need so there’s no excuses like I took the fight in 8 days open your eyes

  • Joshua Coy says:

    Only thinking of yourself is no excuse

  • Jones will always be seen as the guy you took the cowards way out.

    Jones is not a Fighter and he even pretty much says that by saying “I signed a contract to fight Henderson, I trained for him” . he is pretty much saying he will never take a fight on sport notice, except for when it benefits him (Shogun title fight on short notice).

    I watch MMA to see the best in the world fight not to see spoil kids refuse to take on people(even worse when the guys the champion)

    Jones better win his next 20 fights to live this down.

  • Joshua Coy says:

    @ Marcus we can’t help it your boy JBJ has doesn’t have any heart

  • @Arnold except Jones needs a 6 month training camp and a SIGNED contract to fight them you know to get a battle plan together lol

  • @Daniel Cantrell I had 3 Silva fans in my living room(because I can afford PPV) and they did not make a sounds because Silva was getting his ass kicked don’t put a spin on it. First round was a 8-10 for Sonnen look it up.

  • aaron sugarman says:

    You’re still a spoiled little bitch. Like no one before you has ever taken a fight on short notice. COWARD! WORDS OF A COWARD. You fight for a living dude. So fight you pussy.

  • How are you gonna lose your last fight (Chael) then switch weight classes and shoot to title contention automatically there was people in line and that move just showed that it’s more about money for Dana and no self respect for the fighters

  • Oh hell I am one of jones’ biggest fans but really your not a damn hockey player jones. Step the hell up and do ur damn job. Cheal sucks of course he does. But ur letting down all the ufc fans. I honestly said just the other day ya don’t see ufc fighters whinning about their pay. But jones ur an awesome fighter But very dissapointing. Boooooo

  • @Kent I don’t need to look up anything I saw each round an the finish which when I saw it was silva TKO you’re standing up for disrespectful bully that can’t back his big mouth up

  • What excuse can you make for the first time silva beat him cheal got caught because he couldn’t finish the fight and then spins it to say I didn’t tap I know what I saw what did you and your room mates see

  • Fact is Dana put a shit card. How many times have seen a co main event headline after a main event got dropped?

  • @Daniel you won’t look it up because it true silva got dominated. Disrespectful is all the gay dancing Silva did when he first showed up to piss fighter off and get in there head.

    Second The score cards also showed silva only landed 1 punch out of his GnP on Sonnen, It was a stupid stoppage but hats off Silva won. Maybe you need to learn some respect Sonnen has more skill in one finger then everyone on this forum talking crap about him combind.

  • Jes Emir says:

    What a joke Jones turned out to be

  • Daniel Cantrell roommates??? lol Eat a chesse burger buddy you look like you just walked out of a Holocaust camp.

    No Silva beat him with skill and a little luck the first time but once again Silva was dominated the whole fight. I take nothing away from his wins but he Tried to cheat in the last fight (Saying he got punched in the back of the head when he did not to force a stand up, but the ref did not buy it. Then grabbing shorts for 15 second while getting screamed at) Silva won I except that I just find it funny Silva fans try to turn it into a “Fish Tail”

    I Caught a fish that was 6 ft long when it was really 3 inches

  • woody says:

    You Fucking Guys Just Kill Me. You Was Dragging JON JONES’S Dick ALL This Time, And Now That He Does Something, Which Is A SMART Decision, For His Career, You FUCKTARDS Are Calling Him Out His Name, And Talking Bad Shit About Him. You DUMBASSES Are Not TRUE FANS Of The Sport!!! ASSHOLE< DICKWAD BITCH ASS PUNKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Alicia Korenini says:

    Look at all these commenters with their false sense of entitlement and criticism. Jones was right to do what he did. As is his right to, otherwise the UFC wouldnt have allowed him to turn it down… And he’s entirely correct in saying IT WASN’T HIS IDEA TO CANCEL THE EVENT. Highlights how far removed from the sport of mma the UFC can be, always hungry for more money. And anyone who thinks Chael would have preferred to fight him doesn’t know a thing about the man, he’d much rather things go down like they are because it puts him in more of a spotlight, he can talk trash longer and go to events saying he has the title belt for something he hasn’t earned..again. Like Jones says, this is a sport, not backyard brawl.

  • Bruce Boyington says:

    You dont get lucky with Anderson for 4 full rounds, then another full round in the 2nd fight, what is wrong with you? Chael not only would last with him, he would probably beat him

  • samya chakraborty says:

    dude.. chael is no match for anderson.. he has poor ground game as well as poor standing.. only thing he is good at is takedowns.. he is no match for anderson.

  • Steve says:

    This sport was developed on the idea that no matter who the opponent, you fought them. When they first crowned a lightweight champion, they held a one-night tournament. Pat Miletich reached the final and was supposed to fight the winner of the other semifinal. Unfortunately, he passed out and they replaced him with not only a new opponent, but a good fighter who was not even in the tournament and who had not fought that night. Miletich still fought and won. Guys like Miletich and others sacrificed a lot for not much money ($10000 for that first title event) so the sport could grow and guys like Jones and Machida and the rest could make huge money and get all the limelight. There is no sacrifice for the sport anymore. I guess that’s the way it is now, and I understand that, but I do not have to like it.

  • Steve says:

    I want to add that I agree the UFC is throwing Jones under the bus as well. It was a poorly constructed card which made it useless after Henderson got hurt and Jones dropped out. Dana White and the matchmakers need to take some heat and responsibility as well.

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