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John Cena says UFC is not regulated

“It’s just not something that particularly interests me. UFC is where boxing was years ago, and I was never really into boxing, either. [WWE is] regulated entertainment that’s safe for anyone to enjoy. (The UFC) can be pretty over the top, and it’s not something I’d want my children to watch.”

WWE superstar John Cena will most likely not be following his former colleagues Brock Lesnar, and Bobby Lashley  into the MMA business. As he feels that the UFC and even boxing (in the past?) is NOT regulated like the W.W.E., therefore it is not suitable for his children to watch. For Cena it seems if it’s not scripted, he has zero interest.


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  • Sorry Cena, but steroids are crazy rampant in WWE and other “entertainment” wrestling leagues. UFC at least piss tests their fighters. Brock has admittedly used steroids in the past. I’m not sure if Lashley has but just look at him. You don’t get like that from just lifting weights everyday without any “help”.

    What the hell does John Cena know about MMA anyway? Didn’t he just admit he won’t watch it? What’s his motivation in coming out and making his opinion public? Does his opinion count or matter?

  • Amanda says:

    I agree buddy, he is obviously ignorant to the sport. MMA has some of the most athletic and committed men ever. Its to real for him I guess and that’s fine for me if we don’t have fans like that.

    Be educated before you talk. These athletes train harder and more than any other athlete in the world. I would think anyone who plays sports or even understands the concept of competition would see that this is the highest level of competition between two people and not just anyone can compete. It takes a special, highly trained and talented individuals to compete.

    I’m guessing he posted this just to get out of the press asking him if he can hang, because no Cena you CAN NOT…

    Do something for me before you make another post, go to a local MMA gym and try it before you bash it.

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