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Joe Rogan gets followed by Black Belt Medalist for UFC shot (Video)

Every fighters dream is to be in the UFC, especially the black belt and 27 time Mundial gold medalist, Renato Laranja. Laranja comes across UFC commentator Joe Rogan after Jiu Jitsu practice and continually badgers the employee to help put in a word with UFC match maker Joe Silva to become a UFC fighter. The badgering continues for over ten minutes and ends with Laranja saying “One day I’m going to prove you wrong Joe Rogan. Keep running but you can’t hide.”

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  • ArMOREDxGOATx says:

    This is fake all the videos are fake the dude is an actor they are doing it as a big joke there is a video of this guy choking out eddy bravo cold in like 30 seconds but we know that shit would never happen

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