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JDS and others take stand against PEDs in MMA

As science offers athletes more options in performance enhancing, the line between legitimate use and exploitation the system has began to blur. With top fighters like Dan Henderson, Frank Mir, and Rampage Jackson taking to testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) exemption as possible means to turning back the clock, some of their colleagues have spoken out against the testing of PEDs.

Bellator welterweight champ Ben Askren recently took to action, partnering with Voluntary Anti-Doping Association (VADA) in hopes of improved testing procedures. During the debacle of UFC 146, heavyweight Roy Nelson publicly spoke out saying “I’ll pay for my opponents to be tested if needed.” The biggest name to join the cause is UFC heavyweight champ, Junior dos Santos, requesting that random blood drug tests be given to all in hopes of cleaning up the sport.

The champ continued on the subject at a recent press conference in Sao Paulo, Brazil, saying that he made it to the top of the sport without ever using any illegal enhancers and is willing to prove it by subjecting himself to random blood drug tests.

I am champion and never have used anything, and I am proud to say that,” he said. “It is unfair to use substances. With or without authorization, it makes a difference. A fighter who can do this kind of treatment is not himself in the octagon and using tricks to improve [his] performance.”

Ironically dos Santos lost his original UFC 146 opponent Alistair Overeem after a random drug test exposed Overeem with elevated testosterone levels. Overeem’s replacement would be Frank Mir. Shortly after suffering a knockout by JDS, Mir had admitted to the use of TRT prior to the bout. Despite the win, the news did not sit well with the victor.

The fighters speaking out against the use of PEDs in the sport are not alone as UFC president Dana White has acknowledged the problem and has taken steps to educate the fighters on the dangers of PEDs, such as the shortening of the fighters career. White clarifies that it is the State’s Commission that is responsible for testing. Taking further steps according to White may be impossible as the promotion is now up to 375 fighters and growing.

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  • Iain Logan says:

    Yeah JDS is taking a stand on PED’s while people in his own camp are using them, how cool of him

  • Kebabtallrik says:

    If I was fighting I would like to know if my opponent is on TRT BEFORE he fights me. I am sure JDS will require that in his contract when he meets Cain. Not that he would take it.

  • Somehow there has to be a fine line drawn between those authorized by commissions to have TRT and cheaters

  • TRT is not bad you just got to keep the T a the the legal levels. And thats why you have a doc to monitor that.

  • So does that mean Dan, Frank, And Rampage have all used steroids in the past so much they can no longer make thier own? Symptom of the Pride days where they looked the other way? Everyone should bring only what THEY have, not what a doctor sends in with them.

  • Dave Collins says:

    I guess it didn’t help Mir

  • It’s quite simple, if you use TRT, steroids, growth hormone or any illegal ped you are simply not naturally good enough. If caught using ped’s in any sport you should never be allowed to compete again. This is an epidemic threatening to destroy the UFC, MMA and most sports in general. Young athletes and people in general within our society copy what they see and if those who are supposedly at the top are seen to be allowed to use TRT or any other ped’s and get second chances when caught it shames the sport and sets the wrong example. Dana White simply is going to have to take a tougher stand handing out life time bans from the UFC on top of suspensions from athletic commissions. A good example at the moment is the upcoming Sonnen vs Silva rematch. This fight should not even be allowed to happen or should better be described as Anderson vs a steroid user. Chael is a known steroid and TRT user and when this rematch happens will be on TRT. Is this a fair fight for Silva? The use of TRT and ped’s within MMA are on the verge of discrediting the UFC to the point of being laughable and unless Dana brings in testing before all matches and random testing before events the UFC won’t last more than another 2 years before it is the laughing stock of all sports. As a 42 year old athlete who is still capable of setting world records in endurance power lifting aside from my MMA training I can tell you that there are natural legal products available that are safe and allowed by any drug commission. If you need chemical ped’s you are simply not good enough, sorry. UFC legend Randy Couture is on record as stating he used similar natural products which are not chemical based, safe for human consumption and don’t bring you past natural human levels. Champion JDS and others like him should be admired for there stand against the epidemic use of ped’s. Random testing before events is needed because it has been seen in all sports that athletes that use ped’s are extremely good at cycling up then clearing there system just in time to pass known tests. Dana, the ball is in your court and you have time to clean up the sport that you worked so hard to build. Don’t drop the ball Dana….

  • Kjtrlt says:

    The playing field needs to be level. No one wants to see juice monkeys smashing each other, or they’d just watch WWE and save some time. This is right up there with quality of judge/refereeing and injuries for the acceptance and success of the UFC and MMA itself. Clarity needs to be established.

  • That would be a good assumption, David! An athlete although a bit older but in very good shape shouldn’t need TRT. I find it ridiculous that it’s allowed, it’s legalized cheating, and I like Hendo, Couture, other guys who have partaken of it but it’s not fair for their opponents, you can argue that all day every day!

  • Al Dan says:

    horrid fans… you guys still dont know anything about TRT replacement… its getting really fucking pathetic did you FUCKING idiots know ufc has a LGEAL TRT level of 4:1 soo if you know what that means… it means you are aloud to have the TRT of 4 MEN. get real fans… you guys dont know much… seems like JDS doesnt either… TRT ISNT A PED… watch jds turn 30 and start taking it… fucking hypocrites…

  • Al Dan says:

    TRT is the most misunderstand concept of this sport… older men maybe even your fathers have taken TRT… ITS USED WORLD WIDE… AS A TREATMENT Hypogonadism look it up you horrid fans… you guys know nothing… this is getting PATHETIC.

  • Al Dan says:

    but i guess its impossible for fighters to have low TRT right? i mean they must of taken peds in high school to get lower TRT i mean blows to the head which is scientifically proven to lower TRT must not lower TRT right? oh of course not scientist are always wrong… if i hear any more shit about TRT im just unliking all this mma crap… all these mma illiterate people MAKE ME SICK.. i feel like fucking puking

  • Al Dan says:


  • Al Dan says:

    trt is legal. if you dont like it, or dislike it PLEASE WALK THE FUCK AWAY FROM MMA… TRT WILL ALWAYS BE A PART OF ANY SPORT. stop being fucking idiots.

  • Mike Leal says:

    Its the ones who speak out against em that come up hot later lol

  • @ Al Dan Not arguing the leagality of it, just the fairness. I know TRT is very useful. And i feel for the guys that have made choices to do steriods and now r paying for that decision in one way or the other. But letting TRT continue without some more regulation will just encourage younger fighters to get ahead with steroids, just looking forward to being able to use TRT when they get into the UFC cause they can’t produce the testosterone they need to fight now. Just sayin., no disrespect at all cause i see all sides.

  • And yeh, bad rap for the ones that have low testosterone naturally.

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