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Henderson out, White infuriated with Jones’ refusal of Sonnen – Details

Shortly after the rumors of Dan Henderson suffering a serious knee injury, the UFC president Dana white has verified that the promotion is forced to announce the first cancellation of a UFC event under the Zuffa banner. White tells us that both Chael Sonnen and Jon Jones agreed to fight last night. Last minute, literally this morning, the champ Jon Jones is said to have pulled out of the fight with Sonnen, stating that it was too short of notice to take a fight against the former middleweight. Following that, Jones agreed to a bout against Lyoto Machida in Toronto at the new UFC 151.

UFC president made no Bones about it – he was none happy with Jones’ decision which caused the first cancellation. White told the press that his view of Jones has completely changed. 

“Alleged champ and top three pound for pound is refusing fights.We’ve never had a guy flat out refuse to fight a guy. Never happened. As far as [Jones] relationship with me and Lorenzo, it’s not good. I’m disgusted.

Dan Henderson is said to have suffered a partially torned MCL, causing minimal lateral movement. He is expected to need at least a few months to make a full recover. White admitted that Henderson could still fight, but points out that it would not be a true showing of the best Henderson versus Jones.

UFC 151 is now set with Jones vs. Machida and Mighty Mo vs. Benavidez title fight in co-main in Canada, replacing UFC 152.

“Good for you Jon Jones said White, you’re rich and you don’t need the fight. While there’s struggling guys on the under-card and they don’t get to make money now.”

White also went on to mention how the fans, especially that purchased tickets lose (they’ll be refunded) and the efforts of the organization being flushed down the tubes by Jones’ ‘selfish’ decision to deny the fight.

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  • I believe it’s the first Zuffa UFC event to be cancelled and this happened a couple times under the SEG banner.

  • Jones turned down a fight with Chael Sonnen ? wierd !

  • Sonnen is truly fighter. Dana went fucking crazy on Jones


  • because he so up him self its unreal,fuck him

  • losing all respect for Jones…….

  • that fuckin little princess thinks he above everybody

  • Jones is such a faggot, fake champion who lacks real skill to take on someone better than him, lots of people can flail their arms around like a child on a tantrum and hope it lands somewhere. What a fuckin joke, get back in your car and have a few drinks and wrap yourself around a pole you useless scared turd

  • Dawn it….fucking little princess, who he thinks he is? Elvis?

  • It would appear that Jones’ head is getting too big for the Octagon. Especially with this Nike deal, Jones thinks his shit don’t stink. Too short of notice to prepare for Sonnen? WTF? Always be ready and you never have to get ready!!!

  • “Good for you Jon Jones said White, you’re rich and you don’t need the fight. While there’s struggling guys on the under-card and they don’t get to make money now.”

  • I think the Nike sponsorship went to his head. Bad move so early in his career.

  • Oh man this gives Sonnen SO much fuel, he is not going to stop till he gets jones.

  • His ego will be his downfall…. I used to like the guy. What an asshole.

  • well do something about bitch dana! you call yourself a champion jones? champions are supposed to take on all comers!

  • Dave says:


    Jones you need to put your big boy pants on and get out there and fight Sonnen like a true champion would…defending your title based on your level of comfort is BS, you’re a paid fighter now get out there and defend it!!

    you own the company, take control already!!!

  • Why a match with Sonen? That is hilarious.

  • i agree with jones 100% sonnen dose NOT deserve even a top 10 guy in the 205 devision. they should have just gave him machida form the get go

  • This is frankly embarrassing. Can’t believe Jones refused a fight! I just lost SO much respect for him!

  • if dana is so worried about under card fighters pay them more you tight ass! he pays them fuck all!

  • If Sonnen isn’t even a top ten guy in the division, Jones should’ve been able to handle him with ease. He was already training for a wrestler that throws bombs. Sonnen is the same guy. There is no way for Jones to come out of this looking good.

  • Dana should fight Jones I would pay for that card

  • brandedcfh420 says:

    More signs of his cowardice……

  • Johan says:

    I guess he can kiss his endorsementdeal with the UFC goodbye.
    What a coward…

  • Agamemnon says:

    What happened to wanting to be a company man? Nike money, that’s what happened.

  • Benz says:

    I’m with you, Dave. That’s some bullshit right there. Dana and Lorenzo run the whole show and for them to LET Jones refuse the fight is flat out bullshit.

    Like Dave said,

    Dana, you run the show!!! Man up and make it happen.

  • GWillard says:

    I am absolutely SHOCKED AND DISGUSTED with the UFC Representatives D White, Lorenzo, etc and all the fans that are blaming Jones for this cancelation. Pull your heads out of your A’s…Its not one bit Jones fault that Henderson got hurt or that the UFC had to cancel the event. I am a diehard UFC fan and this is ridiculous that the ufc is acting like this or would make ignorant comments about one of their top fighters. SONNEN in no way deserves to get a replacement shot at Jone’s title, either find another fighter or replace the whole fight with another main card quality fight. All the respect in the world goes out to Bones Jones on this one. The UFC better man up for the response/actions…disgraceful!!!!!! Injuries have pushed off fights before without an entire card being canceled (without the newest member of a divsion getting immediate title shot) UFC straight up dropped the ball on this one…

  • Tom says:

    Rashad Evans wouldnt have denied the fight,

  • Bruce Boyington says:

    YOur the Champ, you take whatever fight they put in front of you, even if your not the champ, this is Fighting, thats what you do as a fighter. I commend the UFC for their standpoint, not sucking up to JBJ and saying how it is, they have a sport to save, fighters to take care of, one selfish act is not what their thinking. The UFC has invested tons of $ already and they are going to lose it now because JBJ didnt want to take a fight with Sonnen, what about giving back the the UFC, taking care of them, after all, you wouldnt be where you are today with out them. Big props to Sonnen for willing to take the fight on 8 days notice, while JBJ was preparing all along for a title fight and Sonnen just finds out, he is still willing to fight and the guy prepared for a title fight turns down the fight, even when all these other fighters lives, family depend on it! This is very unfortunate but I am behind Sonnen and the UFC. By the way, Sonnen is one of the toughest out there and the closest to be the best PFP fighter in the world but yet some of you question whether he rates a shot at Jones, I dont get that? The guy could challenge anyone, it would have been an awesome fight to watch, better than Jones vs Henderson in my opinion and I have no doubt that more PPV would have sold

  • brandedcfh420 says:

    Jones has shown his disregard for his bosses….this should be a firing and belt stripping offense in the UFC!!!

  • Damien Simpson says:

    Fuck all of you who are chirping Jon Jones how can you guys even try and diss the Light Weight Champ if he doesn’t want to fight Chael Sonnen he doesn’t want to fight him , I fucking hate sonnen and theres no way in hell that piece of shit deserves a shot at the belt , thats the stupidest shit i have ever heard can’t believe Dana White would even try and make that a fight thats bullshit right there he doesn’t deserve a shot and should have to prove hmi self in the Light Weight division before even being considered , fucking bullshit Dana would let Sonnen fight for the belt after not even having one fight in the 205 division Lyoto Machida deserves the shot 100% enough said FUCK YOU JON JONES HATERS!

  • brandedcfh420 says:

    aw is damiens feeling hurt… it time for babies nappy wappy? boo fkn hoo turdboy…

  • Jon Jones is a beeotch says:

    Suck my dick Damien Simpson! Right after you take Jones’ tiny sack out of your mouth!

  • Jeffroshaffa says:

    Damien light hwy not lightweight shut the fck up ur some bs fan don’t even no diff between 155 205 u pelt
    Think Brock lesnar is GOAT huh idiot

  • Carlos says:

    Jones is a fuckinh hipster u can tell he doesn’t care about shit but his image too much wants to look cool in the history books well guess what your a fag in my books bwahahaha

  • kingzilla1990 says:

    whether or not chael deserved the fight isn’t important. I don’t think there was anyone else, or many people stepping up with 8 days notice saying “i want the fight”. If a top contender was stepping up to take the fight than sure give it to him. But all i know is what i read in this article, I’m not a insider. Personally i think Jones was afraid Chael could keep him on his back and, Jones prolly is;nt that great in that area because he is never there. Maybe canning the whole even was’nt the right call but if you’re the champ and you’re turning down fights of course you’ll hear about it. And keep in mind just a week ago jones was sayin he does’nt wanna fight Machida. regardless of his talent and ability someone needs to teach this kid what being a champ means. And putting on a good show for his fans should be a priority. Which Jones doesn’t care about his fans. go kiss another kid on the head to make another commercial so we can all say WOW jones is great AND cares about his fans lets give him a nike deal. well played sir well played.

  • samya chakraborty says:

    jon jones might have done mistake for considering the proposal in the first case..;but chael sonnen doesn’t deserve the fight..its foolish of ufc to say that.. for someone don’t have the right to be given title opportunity in their entry to the new weight class…& neither is sonnen the champion in his respective weight class.

  • Hans says:

    Dana points his fingers to everyone but himself. Had Dana prepared a back up plan to anticipate potential injuries, the event could have gone underway.

    And giving up the title shot to Sonnen? WTF? You give a guy who runs his mouth in Twitter a title fight then what kind of message does that convey to the other fighters? Run your mouth and you earn a title shot. Bullshit. You earn a shot by fighting not by trash talking in social media like a little kid.

  • Damien Simpson says:

    Haha I love how you fucking faggots talk shit about someone who could hit you once and you would all die all of you are a bunch of fucking pussys and I’d love to see anyone of you bitches say one word to Jon Jones face , before you got one word out you all would shit your fucking pants so shut the fuck up and stop hating on the Champ and find something better to do with you worthless lives

  • Bryant says:

    I actually agree w/ this following statement:

    “I truly think Jones is getting a bit of a bad wrap I can see them cancelling that fight but the whole card? To me that’s on UFC/Zuffa. I think it would of been better than ppl expected but some fighter’s blaming Jones for them not getting a paycheck is on UFC/Zuffa, apparenlty they didn’t think the card was good enough to be put on PPV so don’t get mad at Jones get mad at your Bosses for not thinking you were good enough to put on a strong showing.”

  • Jthomsen says:

    Why aren’t any of the other fighters on the undercard stepping up and saying we’re PPV worthy fighters we can sell tickets and PPV’s!! Keep the fight going move one of us up to mainevent and maybe charge half price if you don’t think we can draw big enough numbers! Zuffa should of in my opinion got a 205 fighter that has fought at 205 already and asked them to step in. I bet any one of them in the division would’ve said yes, it’s for the damn title! It just bugs me to see a guy who cheated at used steroids get another title shot! This time without even beating anyone in the division! I agree Jon Jones is the champ and gets paid to fight, but I would personally rather fight someone deserving! That said I don’t know that I’d turn down the fight, especially if they told me that if I don’t fight that none of the other fighters will get paid!! That’s a chicken shit move on Zuffas part! These other fighters risked injury for your company and you guys make millions off of them, but now you can’t pay them for wasting two month of their life training!!

  • Austin says:

    To all of you saying that this is on the UFC/Zuffa and they should have had a back up plan – either you don’t understand how this works, or you’re stupid. I’m sure that Dana has at least a rough backup plan for every event. However, eight days is short – trying to cram a six to twelve week training camp into one is insane. I’m not surprised a lot of fighters wouldn’t jump at that opportunity.

    I’ll agree Chael doesn’t deserve a title shot, but who at 205 does? Machida? Really? Everyone wants to watch him go to sleep again? He beat a mid tier at best Ryan Bader and boom, crack at the title? The only person in the division that should fight Jones right now is Alexander Gustafsson, but he needs that Rua fight to see how he’ll really stack up against top tier 205er’s. Some of you act like Chael was Dana’s first choice. Not so, he was Dana’s last resort and the only person that was willing to step up and take the fight with 8 days notice, having not trained in a month, and a tortuous cut in front of him.

    And for all you talking shit about him immediately getting a shot – again, he was the only one willing to nut up and step in there with Bones. Furthermore, why is it so surprising he would get the offer? When Frankie lost the first fight to Bendo, Dana was going to give him first crack at Jose for moving down. Chael is moving up, which is undoubtedly more difficult. How can Jones not look scared and selfish? He took the fight, then calls Dana the next morning because Jackson said it would be the biggest mistake of his career. That’s cowardice and selfishness talking right there. He’s just bit the hand that feeds and the UFC could make his life fairly difficult – Machida beats him, wouldn’t put it past Dana to cut his ass. If you’re the champ, and P4P second best fighter in the world why wouldn’t you take a fight with someone that you’ve essentially already been training for, who is coming up to the class, and is coming in heavy.

  • Bryant says:

    This is Zuffa’s mistake really. Dana and Lorenzo knew they could’ve made a more attractive card by putting more popular or prominent fighters on it, but they chose not to. They decided to go for a lackluster card and put all there trust and hope on Jones. One of the old sayings that many successful businesses follow is to never put you’re eggs into one basket; they tell you not to invest so much into one thing or person that it could lead to a devastating situation. Well, Zuffa did just that..they decided not to think wise about the setting this fight card up. It’s simple as that.

    Jones, being the champ, really doesn’t have to accept this match. He felt as though he would be unprepared even though Chael wouldn’t be either, but he felt as though it’s still wasn’t a good decision. As I further analyze this situation, I can’t help but to think that Jones and his Coach, Greg Jackson, were probably being more business savvy when it comes to thinking about the quality of the fight than worrying about preparation for it; Jones probably didn’t want to humiliate himself by fighting an out of shape Sonnen as him and his coach saw this as not bringing in enough money for the ppv for them to profit from (then again, ppl prob. won’t care if Chael is out of shape as long as they see him fight, even if he doesn’t have much of a chance to beat Jones). Whatever his reasons were, Zuffa should’ve been prepared for it or should’ve made a better card.

  • Just Sayin' says:

    Jones is a smart man. His camp gives a sh*t about their fighters.

    Everybody had intrest to protect.

    Sonnen trains in Henderson’s camp (TEAM QUEST) He knew before anyone else that hendo could not go.
    Thats where his out of the blue attacks on jones came from. HE WAS TRAINNING FOR THIS FIGHT ALL ALONG. FANS ARE MISSING THE SET UP!
    White’s intrest is simple covering his own ass & money invested.
    Jones prepared for LHW fight that didn’t happen. He moved on.
    Everybody protecting their best intrest.
    Jones made the right chess move, with his mind not his nuts.

  • Grape Soda says:

    Every1 is missing something regardless if Jones took the fight or not, y didn’t the UFC put the co-main event as the main event? Y didn’t they stack the main card heavier noing more fighters have gotten hurt this year than any o/ year? Y wasn’t 8 days enough time for Shogun or Machida?

  • Grape Soda says:

    This is to Bryant, whoever u r, u f***ing hit the nail on the f***ing head. Dude, ur words is exactly what these “JONES HATERS” should be thinking & talking about the next time they wanna blame Jon for ruining something he had no intentional business f***ing up in the 1st place. It’s up to the big men like White & the Fertitta’s to cum up w/ these weak cards, so every1 should blame them.

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